Candidates looking to realize their dream of higher education

Achieve the dream. This was the response of most students from 24 cities when asked about the opportunity to attend a higher education course where they live. The interrogation was conducted by technicians from the Secretariat for Science, Technology, Higher Education, Vocational and Technological (Sectet), Forma Pará State Program Coordinator. They went through the testing of the program’s special selection process called 2022, which took place on Sunday (1).

Launched in 2019, Forma Pará is a state government action aimed at increasing the offer of higher education courses in the state, joining forces with existing Higher Education Institutions (IES) and with municipal governments.

Sunday’s event, organized by the Foundation for Research and Development Support (Fadesp), aims to fill 1,210 vacancies offered by Forma Pará which will be implemented through the State University of Pará (Uepa), Federal Rural University of the Amazon (Ufra) and Federal University of Southern and Southeast Pará (Unifesspa) and the Federal University of Western Bara (Ufopa).


For 30-year-old Pamela de Azevedo, a candidate for one of the vacancies in a history degree, presented at Óbidos, this is the opportunity for many people to change their lives. “For those who pass it is a great opportunity to be the new municipal historians. He is a fan who opens up about people’s lives so that we can seek knowledge and greater opportunities for our future, the future of our children and those we love.”

Mr. Nelson AlvesSpeaking of the future, the father of 17-year-old candidate Leticia Marinho, Nelson Alves, has spared no effort to take his daughter to the municipality where she will take the test that will help her fulfill her desire to become an agronomist. Travel 145 km from Ourilândia do Norte to Xinguara, where a student applies for a course offered by Forma Pará.

“Fathers and mothers want this for their children: an important higher education course in anyone’s life. That’s why we encourage them so much,” he explained.

For Soraya Murad, who ran for one of the nursing vacancies in Rio Maria, taking a higher education course in her city is something that has been expected for a long time. He celebrated, “It is the desire of many elderly people like me who have not had the opportunity to take a higher education course. I am very happy and grateful that it is a privilege for our municipality to take this course,” he said.


The President of Sectet and Director of Forma Pará, Edilza Fontes, kept a close eye on the process and was in the municipality of Bragança to wish good luck to the nearly 4,000 candidates who tried to land a vacancy in Nursing.

He explained, “We are in Bragança today because of all the courses offered, the ones that scored the most enrollees, being the most competitive, there were 57 candidates for the vacancy.”

She also spoke about the universality of the programme, which Governor Helder Barbalo announced at an event on March 7. “The governor’s request is that Sectet expects to generalize, which is to take Forma Pará to 144 municipalities in the state. This will only happen in 2023, but we expect it. At the end of June,” the minister revealed.

Secretary in BragançaCourses and municipalities

In total, the operation had more than 20 thousand subscribers. By the State University of Pará (Uepa), 400 places have been awarded for the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy, in Conceição do Araguaia; Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, in Bom Jesus de Tocantins, in Rio Maria, in São Sebastião da Boa Vista and in Bragança; Certificate in Pedagogy in Maritoba and Santo Antonio do Tawa; Degree in Arts – Libras, in Maritoba. Each of them has 50 places.

Through the Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia (Ufra), there were 500 vacancies in the following courses and municipalities, with 50 vacancies in each: Agronomy in Jaconda, Baiao, Augusto Correia, Igarabe Ako, Shinguara, Limoiro do Auro and Santana do Araguaia; Forest Engineering in Bacaja; Zoology at Vitoria do Zengo; and veterinary medicine in Portel.

At the Federal University of Southern and Southeast Pará (Unifesspa), 2022 Forma Pará has offered 210 vacancies in these courses and municipalities: Architecture and Urbanism in Redenção and Canaã dos Carajás (40 vacancies); Geology in Rondon do Barra (40 vacancies); Veterinary Medicine in São Félix do Zengo (40 vacancies); and Pedagogy in Tokoroi (50 places). And at the Federal University of Western Barra (Ufuba) there were 100 places with 50 students per semester of the Law course in Alenquer and the degree in History in Óbidos.

On May 15, it will be the turn of students to take a test of the special selection process that will fill 190 vacancies of the courses to be carried out by the Universidade do Federal do Pará (UFPA). The courses offered are Information System, in Oeiras do Pará (30 vacancies); Geoprocessing in the Outeiro District (40 vacancies); History in Coralinho (40 places); Letters – English, in Viseu (40 vacancies); and Agronomy in Bakaga (40 places).

open for subscriptions

On April 20, Forma Pará also opened registrations for a selection test that will fill another 150 vacancies in three municipalities. The new public notice concerns the courses to be conducted by the Federal Institute of Pará (IFPA). The courses offered are Technology in Agroecology, in Mojo; Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from Santa Maria das Barreras; and Fisheries Engineering in Rio Branco. Each of them has 50 seats. Applications can be submitted until May 5th on the Fadesp website, which organizes all operations. The scheduled exam date is May 29th.


Those interested in registering for the Forma Pará / IFPA selection process can access the full public notice and registration link at:

Text: Fernanda Graeme (ASCOM/SCT)

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