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sudden interruption of Professional life Indignation is the motive behind the teacher Patricia Sprada52 years old undertake With pet shops. she owns EcoDogin Curitiba (PR), which offers from Bath and groom Dedicated hot tub, massage and puppy day care. The company earned R$600,000 in 2021 and is now beginning to expand through franchises.

Patricia Sprada, founder of EcoCão: The concessions will be installed in sustainable containers, with water reusing (Image: disclosure)

Sprada is a teacher by training, and has worked in several fields, from schools to consulting firms, until she was fired in 2015. family little yorkshires pet shop.

Sprada says he noticed unusual fears of the pups as they approached the facility. Likewise, on other occasions, walks become tense every time you pass the pet store’s perimeter. It was then that he decided to relieve the pet’s discomfort. “Since I did nothing, I decided to take a pigeon course and take care of them at home. At the same time, I was trying to get back into pedagogy,” he says.

during the course, entrepreneur He felt uncomfortable at what he saw. According to her, the trend was that the baths were short, up to 20 minutes. Employee earnings were based on the number of bathrooms taken. “But depending on the size and age of the dog, it will take more time. No one is the same.”

It featured two cases in particular: one was the suggestion of euthanasia for an elderly but otherwise healthy puppy, and the other was when a sedated pet was given a bath. “It was a bad experience for me. I felt really bad in that moment and that day I came home and said, ‘I’m going to open a pet store.’”

No one in the Sprada family had any entrepreneurial experience before this. I went after information about management, finance and management in Cibra, and began researching the pet market. Until 2017, he opened his first store in Curitiba (PR), where he lives. We were my daughter, bather and I. We have grown as the volume of calls has increased.”

Sprada says he developed the work with a focus on a specific audience, and more involved with the animal cause. However, he realized that the request was broader and had to reformulate all of his communications. She says she was able to use pedagogy to read clients and identify their needs—as well as those of puppies—to reshape the business in a timely manner.

The interior of the EcoCão store (Photo: Disclosure)

The interior of the EcoCão store (Photo: Disclosure)

“I understood that when things go on in one line, no one is served. We chose to serve each one according to his need.” The entrepreneur says she gradually learned how to set up the clinic: she even bought the wrong bathtub or machine that couldn’t handle the service, before oiling the whole process. Within four months, EcoCão was already starting to pay itself.

Over time, Sprada was incorporating more service methods into the work. Today, in addition to bathing and personal care, it offers a store with natural products – without food – and a veterinary office, as well as a space for health care and daycare. “We joke that 90% of the dogs that come to the nursery are made of porcelain tiles, because they live in an apartment, and they don’t know how to interact with another dog or dig. We work on encouraging the dog to be a dog.”

A pet living area at EcoCão (Photo: Disclosure)

A pet living area at EcoCão (Photo: Disclosure)

According to her, the toys that pets use are made from recycled materials, such as milk cartons and plastic bottles. The space also offers activities to promote interaction between teachers and pups, as well as services such as ofuro baths, ozone baths, chromotherapy, massages, and floral treatments.

Teachers can choose to make packages for restrooms or daycares. The more you use, the lower the value of the unit or daily service. The average ticket price ranges between 300 and 400 BRL. “We treat the client in such a way that they are part of the process. It combines taking care of the groomer herself and taking care of the dog’s grooming schedule, and we always send the notices.”

There is room for growth: the pet sector earned R$57.7 billion in 2021, a 27% increase over the previous year, according to data collected by the Pet Institute of Brazil. Nearly half of that amount (48%) came from pet stores in small neighborhoods. Pet grooming services are equivalent to 5% of the amount, but have shown exponential growth of 19.5%.

Now, EcoCão has begun to expand through discount (discounts. Sprada has ended a partnership with Accelerator TopLast year, the business formed and is in the process of attracting entrepreneurs to unlock points. It is expected to open up to 40 clinics in 2022 and reach a turnover of R$13 million.

Initial investment to get franchise from 125 thousand Brazilian riyalsAn area of ​​not less than 40 square meters. The amount already includes franchise, working capital and installation fees. The franchisor expects a return on investment after 18 months.

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