The animal adoption event was held in Via del Vino, in Bento – DIFUSORA 890 AM

This Saturday (30), held on Via del Vino, Pinto Bitum adopts a new friend. This procedure was carried out by the municipality of Bento Gonçalves through the Health, Environment and Education Office of the First Lady and the Municipal Council for Animal Welfare (COMBEA). The goal was to introduce the animals under adoption to educate residents about responsible ownership.

In addition to the adoption fair, there was also a handover of Samu Pet to the community.

The Assistant Secretary of Health, Gilberto Jr., highlighted the significance of the event. “Today we prepared our first adoption fair, and we are very happy with the result. We had about 30 animals adopted, which means a lot to all of us. We are also assembling foods, lids and seals, which will be dedicated to the animal cause, as well as a pet products fair. With that, we can Saying that the municipality has a fresh look at the animal issue,” he said.

For COMBEA President Diane de Matos, today was a very special and positive day. “Glad to see the public taking up the cause. Helping schools and the public made the procedure a success. In addition to the adopted animals, we have 5 special dogs that have been rescued, who are still waiting for adoption. Thanks to the residents, to everyone who helped. We will make today our first meeting of many.”

The fair moved the community, and all morning smiles and charms turned into an act of love.

Responsible adoption

Even before the show started, little Melina Mattia arrived with two puppies to leave for adoption. “I always helped out with NGOs, and when they told me I had left dogs, I went after them to take them and try to give them a home. So today I am helping by bringing them to the fair, and I hope they have a new home,” he said.

Melina’s work was just one of many that made a difference to the event.

Marisa Polley, who adopted a puppy, commented on the act. for him “.

Maria Goretti dos Santos became aware of the event through social media and also took a pet home. “I already have a dog at home, and I decided to adopt one here to help with a very noble and important cause. Adoption is caring for love and responsibility.”

Einstein da Silva passed by the place with his daughter, and even without being able to adopt, he left his message about responsible adoption. “It is very important because every living being, whether human or animal, needs a home, affection and affection. Today I will not be able to adopt, but daily I teach my daughter about the affection and affection we have with animals. This is a very important procedure and makes us think a lot about the importance of adoption”.

pet houses

The Bento Gonçalves Therapeutic Society was involved in the work by donating dog houses, a project carried out jointly with City Hall, which was available at the fair and will be dedicated to animals from vulnerable families.

Alexandre Mazieto is a contributor to the community and commented on contributing to the construction of homes. “We made the homes to be available today, and seeing this beautiful event fill me with love. It is great that you have contributed in some way. It was a teamwork that everyone committed to the cause.”

Mayor Diogo Sequeira also highlighted the measure. “It is a very beautiful work, and what we at Bento want is to be a reference in the animal cause. We are growing step by step, little by little we do a great job and we will be a reference all over Brazil.”

The vehicle, SamuPet, has also been introduced to the community, which will begin to be used in the coming weeks for emergencies and emergencies with animals, with a dedicated care team. The form of work will be announced in the coming weeks.

campaign with schools

During this month, actions were taken with schools to raise awareness. A campaign to collect covers, seals and food was launched with students from the third year of primary school in the municipal network.

The winning schools were announced this morning. are they:

2nd place: Escola Maria Zambom Benini (inflatable play and games for the afternoon at school) – 47.2 kg

2nd place: Escola Santa Helena (music show at school) – 117.2 kg

1st place: Escola Vânia Mincarone (1 day at Gasper Adventure Park for the winning category) – 137.8 kg

The ceremony was also attended by Vice Mayor Amarildo Locatelli, Chancellor Ari Pellicioli, Minister of Education, Adrian Zorzi and Deputy Adriana Razia, from the administration Matthews Barbosa.

City Hall Social Communications Office

Photos: Rodrigo de Marco

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