Smart Technologia is behind the metropolitan area’s security tools

Smart Tecnologia was created in Lajeado with the aim of promoting technological innovation in Vale do Taquari. However, the company has made available solutions that transcend the region. Today, the company is one of the main suppliers of resources and security technology to many municipalities in the state.

According to Flaviano Moroni, *xxx* of Smart Tecnologia, there are already projects with municipalities such as Cachoeirinha, Alvorada – which have been an example of improvement in safety indicators, with the largest reduction in homicide victims in 2021 among 497 cities in Rio Grande do Sul , according to the violence atlas produced by the Brazilian Public Security Forum (FBSP) – and Gravataí, which has more than 450 kilometers of installed network.

Our service has contributed to significant improvements in the daily lives of cities and has had a very strong impact on property security issues. More than that, we also saw impacts in terms of safety in the servers operating environment, such as in health centers and schools,” he assesses.

Technology in the reality of cities

In the city of Cachoeirinha, Smart has built more than 100 km of network to serve video surveillance and property surveillance cameras in all buildings and public squares. In addition, it has provided an easy-to-manage, secure, high-capacity Internet service to all public points.

“More than reducing looting, increasing security and providing a safe and comfortable space with high-speed internet, the company has also provided support to help improve services related to information security, data protection and infrastructure,” Moroni explains.

Meanwhile, the contribution to Alvorada was even more impressive. The service started in October 2019 and provided the installation of more than 500 cameras in all neighborhoods of the city. Today, one of the most violent cities in Brazil, Alvorada has become a benchmark for achieving the highest rate of violence reduction in the state.

“Thus, the boxes and speed cameras were placed at points where the number of violence was higher, which ended up impeding the work of criminals in these areas,” explains Fernando Maciel, Alvorada IT coordinator.

In Gravataí, a video surveillance system was installed in 2018 and contains 320 cameras connected via a fiber-optic network of more than 400 km in length. Cameras were spread throughout the city’s neighborhoods, prioritizing public access points, such as plazas and government buildings, through the Municipal Guard’s security analysis.

According to Andre Thurm, municipal director of transparency and modernization, the number of cameras is expected to increase from 320 to 600 in the next two years. “We will update our devices, as well as technology used for monitoring, such as intrusion sensors and human image recognition,” he explains.

Presence of smart technology in municipalities

– More than 100 km of network to serve video surveillance cameras.

– Health centers and schools that are monitored 24 hours a day by the Municipal Guard.

– 18 fixed cameras in the public squares, where there is also free WI-FI for residents;

– 42 speed dome cameras (360 degrees) on public roads in the city;

– 494 fixed cameras in all public buildings in the municipality.

– 320 cameras in the city.

– 400 km of fiber optic networks;

– 27 municipal squares within the video surveillance coverage area.

innovative technology

Smart Tecnologia’s smart video system enables analysis and detection of intrusions for municipal guards and makes video monitoring more accurate. Meanwhile, IP Telephony has become a very versatile tool in community service, from an ombudsman and traditional telephony to personal assistance, such as scheduling appointments.

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