Report shows dog death in pet store from suffocation and bleeding

Posted on 10/23/2021 11:53 / Updated 10/23/2021 12:10

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The autopsy report of the dog Floki – a dwarf spitz dachshund – was completed at a pet store in the Federal District on September 15 by the Laboratory of Veterinary Pathology at the University of Brasilia (UnB). The document, dated September 29, concluded that the dog died of suffocation, hypovolemic shock (a sharp decrease in volume within the blood vessels) and head contusions.

The document says that the animal was 1.82 kg and lost approximately 48% of its total blood volume in the abdominal cavity, leading to hypovolemic shock and thus death.

The report then states that “the dog had traumatic injuries to the oral mucosa and to the occipital region (the back of the skull) that showed a blunt mechanical effect that may or may not be associated with the accompanying events that led to vascular rupture and bleeding into the abdominal cavity,” he says. UnB Doctors.

It was the pet’s owner, Larissa Marques de Carvalho, 34, who requested the test. “Receiving this report hurts so much. Knowing that a member of your family, whom you care for with so much love and affection, was murdered in such a cruel manner begets a revolution,” he says.

“It all goes against what they (the pet store) were calling, that Flock died of a sudden illness. The police station has the report and I’ve already finished my session. Now we’re waiting for the investigations to be over,” says the animal teacher.

Autopsy report shows hypovolemic shock in dog Floki, who was killed at a pet store
Autopsy report shows hypovolemic shock in dog Floki, who was killed at a pet store
(Photo: Publicity/UnB)

The report contacted the Civil Police of the Federal District, who responded by email. “PCDF does not comment on ongoing investigations so as not to jeopardize the investigation,” the company says.

In a note, pet store Personal Dog, of Asa Norte, sent a letter of condolence on the dog’s death. “Personal Dog, its partners and collaborators regret the death of the Flock puppy on September 15, the only such event in the company’s more than 20 years of operation,” says one initial excerpt.

The company also says that “Commitment to the quality and safety of our services and the humane treatment of our customers is our company’s mission, and the suffering we all endure with Fluke’s death is very painful. From the alleged report. Produced by the University of Brasilia and when we have access to the document, we will comment on its content,” says the company that You haven’t requested the report yet.

“We reiterate our desire to cooperate with the investigation of this fact, and we stand in solidarity with the family’s suffering,” concludes the pet store.


Remember the case

Two hours after leaving the dog at a pet store and veterinary clinic in Asa Norte for a bath and grooming, a woman greeted the dead animal, a Spitz dog, just 1 year and 4 months old. According to businesswoman Larissa Marques de Carvalho, 34, when I asked her what happened to Floke, her pet, the technician in charge of the institution, veterinarian Luis Gustavo Silvera, could not explain what had happened.

“I left my dog ​​beautiful and well. I could see in my camera pictures that he was happy in my lap. When I got there, he (the vet) handed the dead dog over to my hand. He was the one who gave me the news. He told me he didn’t know what It happened that he couldn’t do anything,” says a resident of Assa Norte.

She says she never identified anything wrong with the pet’s body. “He didn’t have health issues. It was so hygienic, so messy, that when I took him to shower, they charged R$20 extra because they said it was hard work to shower, because it was overheating. The problem is they didn’t explain to me what was going on”, The pet owner regrets.

The animal’s owner adds that she intends to file a lawsuit against the veterinary clinic. A lawyer, who is an animal protector, takes all necessary measures. When my dog ​​got sick, he should have called me, because I could have been taken to the canine intensive care unit and still be alive,” concludes Larissa.

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