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neighborhood residents, in Paulista, In the urban area of ​​Recife, she took advantage of Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, to accompany the first pet beauty contest, promoted by the NGO Pet Guard.

Among the 14 participants Dogs of all breeds, sizes and agesNext to 10 month old kitten. Pets Walk the red carpet It took place at Sítio do Vítor, where the event was held, along with their teachers.

As explained by the file The head of the NGO, Ivan Santosmost of the contenders are from the city of Paulista itself, but there are also representatives, for example, from municipalities Abreu e Lima and Igarassu.

Founded six months ago, one of the goals of the NGO is to work on research Building a general veterinary hospital in the city. According to Santos, the professionals involved in the organization have been working on behalf of the animal cause for many years, and have come together to found the NGO and formalize social projects.

“We have worked with the animal cause for a long time. Play all animal protection activitiesCare and buy feed for street animals, rescue run-down animals, treat them, take them to clinics, and everything else.”

During the competition, the audience applauded and cheered for their favorite contestants. The Judgement comity It was formed by Rádio Folha FM director Marise Rodrigues, and activists Douglas Brito and Sandra Rangel.

After the show that appeared for example dogs Golden Retriever, Labrador, Collie, Shih Tzu, Siberian Husky and PitbullThe judges chose the three winners of the competition.

“I want to congratulate the event, and say that all pets are great, regardless of the outcome. We had to choose, there was a tie here. The jury had to meet to try to break the tie and we succeeded,” commented Douglas Britto, responsible for publishing the result.

at third place stayed in Frida the little dog cub There is no specific race which were available for adoption during the event. The 2nd place went to nigga bitchat 6 years old too There is no specific race, a resident of the same Nobre neighborhood, which impressed the local public. They have won sets of products for dogs.

Previously Contest title went to bitch olindaon one one year and six monthsAnd from the race Great Dane. The hero’s mentor, civilian firefighter Jenduy Aurelio, 42, was pure happiness for first place, resulting in A cup, a crown and a basket of dog products, plus a ‘Day of Beauty’ For the dog at the pet store at Paulista North Way Shopping.

“We see that this is the result of our devotion to the animal. Just as it gives us affection, we give it attention, care and Being recognized is very good in that sense,” he said. “She also owns an Olinda Moda Pet, which is a fashion pet accessory. All the clothes she was wearing today were made by the store. We’ve worked hard to look after her and make sure she has all the conditions she needs.”

According to the head of the NGO Pet Guard, in addition to the three winners, You will receive other animals as well Prizes, such as food and accessories. “There will also be raffles and prizes for those who participated. Because the goal is to unite the group for the benefit of the animal cause,” he emphasized.

The organization already plans Abandoned animal care place as well as achieve The second edition of the beauty contest. “Our project includes a shed in Bairro Novo to rescue, treat and treat infected and diseased animals and then offer them for adoption,” Santos said.

“In the next edition of the competition, we will do something broader, we are already planning, who knows how to get to Pernambuco? And The event will be on the edge of Ganga“, he added.

In addition to the beauty contest, This Sunday event also saw an adoption fairDonations, vaccinations and sale of pet items.

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Pet beauty contest combines show and social work at Paulista

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Pet beauty contest combines show and social work at Paulista

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