Labor Day: see what the professions of the future are

Advances in technology and globalization have led to the emergence of new occupations in the labor market. On Labor Day ND + It brings a report on future occupations, what they are and requirements to practice and what is the average salary. In Santa Catarina, this has already become a reality for some professionals who are already studying or working in the area.

Technology is one of the most promising fields of the future – Image: Getty Images / iStockphoto / ND

Learn about some of these professions and understand what they each do on a daily basis, according to the professionals who actually perform these jobs.

data scientist

Data scientist Luiz Gustavo Erthal, 23, works at startup Volpi Tech in Sao Paulo. According to him, a data scientist is a “mix between a programmer and a statistician”, who works on solving problems and challenges through data. “Data is said to be the new oil, because with it countless products and solutions can be created,” he explains.

With mathematical and statistical knowledge, as well as programming skills, a data scientist analyzes data sources and also creates artificial intelligence.

Machine learning techniques are used, which, according to the expert, “emerge from teaching the computer to learn from the data that has been analyzed and collected.”

For Luiz Gustavo, one of the main advantages of the profession is that although he lives in Florianópolis, he is able to work remotely in the company.

The professional has not yet completed his degree in electronic engineering, but says that “the area is so desirable after today that such cases are not uncommon”.

In addition, he emphasizes, there is no specific training for those who want to work in the area, so professionals usually have experience in computer science, statistics, and engineering.

average wage

The Salary Guide 2020, prepared by consulting firm Robert Half, shows that the average salary for a data scientist ranges between R$13,100 and R$26,700.


He is a self employed person and will be available to spend time with elderly people who are feeling lonely. The idea is that meetings are held remotely, however, they can also be held in person. It does not require a certificate and the salary ranges from R$ 2,500 to R$ 3,500.

IT Facilitator

The IT enabler is already an established area, but the trend is for it to grow even more. In the area, the professional is responsible for building platforms for users’ independence, such as creating their own virtual environments. For this, academic training in information technology is required. The average salary is 2,200 BRL.

cyber analyst

The professional will be responsible for the healthy flow of data from the city, such as the environment and population. For this, qualifications in digital engineering are required, such as knowing how to read and interpret data in analytics. The average salary of an analyst is 3700 BRL.

Technology will be a part of all professions

Strategic Intelligence Analyst at Senac Florianópolis Juliana Côco asserts that technology will be part of all professions, and therefore, knowledge in this field will be essential, even if the profession is not in technology.

Technology will be a part of all professions, and therefore, knowledge of the region will be essential, recalls Strategic Intelligence Analyst at Senac Florianópolis, Juliana Côco - # 8211;  Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto / NDTechnology will be part of all professions, so knowledge in the region will be essential, recalls Strategic Intelligence Analyst at Senac Florianópolis, Juliana Côco – Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto / ND

It also highlights the professions that will rise in popularity in relation to technology and data, such as big data and data scientist. In addition, professionals in computing, engineering, digital security and artificial intelligence will be part of the future.

Creative economy, green economy, marketing and sales, product and user experience development, wellness and care professionals such as therapists, as well as professions related to environmental, social and governance policies are some of the topics highlighted by the professional.

How to prepare for the future

Giuliana Coco, strategic intelligence analyst at Sinac Florianópolis, adds that model-breaking will increasingly be required, as well as continuous learning and improvement. He also states that emotional intelligence and creativity are important to a professional profile.

Given the speed of today’s world, Juliana adds the importance of being a professional who can handle the “speed of change”.

Psychologist, career coach, and Masters in Psychology from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Aline Vega, based in Florianópolis, learns how to prepare for the careers of the future.

Digital threats have caused concern – # 8211;  Photo: Publicity / Univali / NDDigital threats have caused concern – Photo: Disclosure / Univali / ND

To prepare for the future, Aline Veiga remembers flexibility, that is, adapting to new changes. In addition, collaboration is essential, because according to professionals, “companies have recognized that integration between employees and sectors is critical to achieving results.”

Communication, empathy, and leadership skills, as well as the need for emotional balance are equally essential, the professional cites. “It is essential for professionals to know how to handle emotions, so that they do not interfere with their productivity when they are negative,” he adds.

Allen also states that there is a growing need for professionals to understand that the difference will be in human skills, because robots in many professions will be better than humans.

The psychologist also shows the importance of a sense of professional accomplishment. He concludes, “When you choose to do something that has meaning, you see what you do and that’s how it gets done.”

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