ICT Center launches UFU internal services platform

In compliance with the objectives set out in the ICT Master Plan for the biennium 2021/2022 (PDTIC 2021/2022), the Center for Information and Communication Technologies at the Federal University in Oberlandia (CTIC / UFU) to the university community, on Thursday, February 10, 2022, the Integrated Service System (SIA), an integrated platform focused on the internal service catalogs of all UFU campuses.

Built on the French Open Source IT Asset Management System GLPI Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique – “Open Source IT Equipment Manager”, in Portuguese – The new UFU system operates in an integrated manner with the aim of meeting the new digital service needs of the organization in this scenario characterized by increased demand for remote services, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Director of CTIC/UFU, Rafael Pasquini, the current systems for ordering services that are still in the university are operating in isolation, leading to a failure of communication between the sectors involved. “We have the CTIC service request system, the University City Hall system and many other smaller systems, as well as the culture that exists in the service requesting organization within the Electronic Information System (SEI). He explains that there are several channels to reach the sectors that provide services to the community and this leads to information mismatch.

UFU Services Platform Access Page. UFU credentials must be used to log in, the same way to access SEI (login: user before @ufu.br; password: same as UFU email) – (Image: disclosure)

The technician responsible for carrying out the social impact assessment at UFU – Raul Alves, IT analyst at CTIC – explains that when requests for services are submitted via SEI, process information is public and accessible by external research. “There are processes that include personal information that people outside the system should not have access to. In the new integrated platform, the person requesting the service speaks via chat directly with the professional who fulfills the request. The information is limited to the service request environment,” explains Alves. The analyst also stresses that SEI is for “administrative operations,” not for posting service requests, a function that belonged to legacy systems, and is now performed by the UFU Integrated Service System.

The service is presented in the form of a conversation that includes the exchange of messages between the concerned (the applicant and the companion). Information is limited to the platform environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

Service Catalog

The integrated service system was launched with the availability of the IT services index at UFU, divided into the following categories: “Systems Errors and Suspicions”, “User Support”, “Maintenance at Locations“,”Permissions on SIE/SG”,”Permissions Locations“,” Errors and doubts in Locations“,”Moodle Graduation “Events Portal” Training Content Locationsand “Reception” – a comprehensive service for questions, guidance and receiving equipment.

Integrated Customer Service Platform (SIA) with catalog of IT services launched at UFU. Service catalogs will be implemented from other regions, in accordance with the priority established by the Commission on Digital Governance (CGD) of the Federation, covering all internal services of the institution. (Photo: Disclosure)

Also according to Alves, service catalogs from other areas will be added to the platform, such as services offered by University City Hall — such as building renovations, painting, security, pest control, pest control, and maintenance services, among others — until accessing all of UFU’s internal services, According to the priority order determined by the Digital Governance Committee (CGD) of the UFU, in line with the objectives of the PDTIC. “We visited the sectors and mapped the processes, including the permissions needed to order and implement each service. We created specific forms, with relevant information and structured scripts with automatic redirection to specialized service groups,” reveals Alves.

Student Services

Since they have specific characteristics and requirements, services continue to be provided to UFU students through the Student Portal, at the electronic address https://www.portalestudante.ufu.br/.

being able to

The Integrated Service System (SIA) for the UFU is available at www.atendimento.ufu.br. To access it, UFU credentials must be used, the way SEI is accessed (sign in: user before @ufu.br; Password: same E-mail UFU).

Each service in the catalog presents a custom form with service-related information and automatic redirection to specialized service groups. (Photo: Disclosure)

process improvement

The integration of the catalogs of service offered by the different sectors and the unification of orders on a single platform, the SIA, according to Pasquini, will make it possible to reduce informal orders that are currently, incorrectly, placed over the phone, The WhatsApp and/or by E-mail. “We have received a lot of requests for E-mail, with loose and incomplete information about the intended service. This requires human analysis to properly interpret and direct care. Wasted time and efficiency. With the unified system, requests will be automatically sorted and routed to different service queues. This will improve service delivery within the UFU,” concludes the Director of the Information and Communications Technology Center.

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