Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

Three sectors are: IT support, systems development and IT infrastructure.

The Information Technology department consists of three sectors: Information Technology Support, Systems Development and Information Technology Infrastructure.

The IT support sector is responsible for monitoring the technological development of computers and their services, focusing on the user, and evaluating the solutions to be adopted. conducting studies for the implementation of user-oriented computer technologies, focusing on network and Internet services; And conducting a survey of users’ needs, and setting priorities, with a view to applying new technologies.

It shall also provide support to users of computer equipment and systems, and ensure their regularity of work; Assess needs and provide IT training; Monitoring software licenses used on the computers of room users; Provide technical support to the Chamber’s general voting committee; accompanying meetings and other events for which it is requested; and conduct monitoring and support for the proper functioning of the Chamber’s microcomputers.

The systems development sector should conduct studies for the implementation of technologies and information systems, with a focus on web services; Conducting needs assessment, setting priorities, with a view to implementing information systems, through the joint participation of technicians, system developers and end users; The organization of flows and forms that support the processing and eventual organization of information.

Its functions also include designing, documenting and updating solutions developed with a focus on meeting internal and external demands, in line with current legislation; Prepare manuals for users and provide training on developed systems; Develop and maintain, with other departments, systems such as Chamber Internet Portal, Transparency Portal, Legacy, SIC, and Ombudsman; Monitor and support the proper functioning of the Chamber’s information systems.

The IT Infrastructure Division is responsible for managing the Chamber’s servers in order to maintain the operation of its information systems. Management and maintenance of the room’s computer network. Ensure the connection of local network equipment and remote stations, and monitor the internal and external data communication system; and managing the room’s storage of digital information, including responsibility for creating and managing backup copies of that information.

The list of sector properties complements the control of users’ access to network resources and the external Internet connection; Assess needs and provide training aimed at the job’s area of ​​competence; Support the coordination and implementation of work related to its field of competence; To monitor and support the proper operation of the Chamber’s IT infrastructure, servers, storage and network equipment.

The three sectors should examine contracts for the provision of IT services; Plan its activities annually, with the relevant plan of goals, and issue an annual report on the activities developed and the goals achieved; and perform other related activities that are delegated and specified.

Head of Information Technology Department – Adriano Albuquerque

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