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Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and more. All of these names may sound so strange or even “Americanized” in our language that it makes the late writer Ariano Suasuna shiver. But for those with little experience in the ICT market, they do not represent a distant future. But, undoubtedly, “now” sector. And who is willing to serve as an expert in each of these Regionsyou can be sure: there is no shortage of jobs and salaries and benefits are very attractive.

A survey conducted by the Association of Information and Communications Technology Companies (Brascom) revealed that Information Technology (IT) It is expected to deal with a high demand for qualified professionals over the next two years. By 2024, about 420,000 vacancies are expected to open. Porto Digital, for example, has about 1.5 vacancies due to not enough qualified professionals to fill them. However, it is not necessary to go very far to become a professional who has the potential to enter this market. Innovative projects such as the Cesar School or Embark Digital keep Pernambuco at the forefront of the sector.

According to CEO of CESAR School – the educational arm of the Center for Advanced Study and Systems Recife (CESAR), Felipe Furtado, the skills learned by the institution’s students are not customized the acting Not only in the market itself, but also in companies going through the process of digital transformation. “In the process, organizations can count on a much greater quantity and quality of information. It is essential to have professionals who know how to use this tool,” he explains. In other words, it is not enough to digitize processes. You have to make the most of it.

Furtado says that as part of the Porto Digital ecosystem, the institution is constantly listening to companies in the sector to design customized courses. An example is the training of professionals in the sectors already mentioned in this article. The director translates: “Big data and data science, are the new oil of the world. With it, it is possible to understand patterns of behavior that are usually imperceptible, but are necessary for most companies. Furtado explained that professionals who study the subject will understand how data affects decision-making. In organizations, how to contextualize data science and how to identify the types of problems that can be solved.

On the other hand, machine learning makes it possible to understand how machines and computers learn, and professionals in this field can identify the daily uses of artificial intelligence. The study of Blockchain, a technology that records transactions and tracks assets, shows every component that integrates this revolutionary technology and should gain more importance in the coming year.

“The Internet of Things discusses the things and devices in our daily lives that are online, exchanging information and creating new experiences and scenarios, and sometimes we don’t even realize it,” the director explains. Cloud computing, which allows, for example, the use of search engines or streaming sites for thousands of people at the same time, is also expected to advance significantly in the next year. In addition to two undergraduate courses, Computer Science and Design, Caesar School also offers the Major, Masters, and Ph.D. Furtado points out that in addition to technical knowledge, professionals should also learn areas such as leadership, people management, resilience, and emotional intelligence, among others.

exposed deficit
A shortage of manpower to service tech companies is not a new reality. But before the coronavirus pandemic, many professionals turned down invitations from large organizations around the world because they had difficulties leaving Pernambuco, or even the country, leaving families and friends for example. “The coronavirus pandemic has exposed this bottleneck as working in the home office system is becoming more and more common,” explains Yves Nogueira, President of the Recife Center for Software Technology Excellence (Softex).

Nogueira stresses that the “stealing” of talent needs to be resolved not only at the regional level, but at the national level. In December 2021, the sector issued a statement warning authorities of the dangers of “blackouts” in human resources. The document notes that since 2018, the Federal Court of Audit has already warned of the lack of a coordinating structure for federal policies to promote innovation. “There is a lack of public policies that lead, for example, to better prepare students for employment in the district than their basic training,” he asserts.

The head of Softex informed that the entity, along with other actors in this ecosystem, is preparing a project to create a training program for a thousand specialists in what might be called a “programmatic residence” – aimed at income residents. It is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

digital shipment
Registration closes on Monday (14) for those who wish to participate in the Embarque Digital Program – which will offer an undergraduate course for graduates of the public education system in Recife. Registration is free and done exclusively online through the website or the Conecta Recife app.

Developed by the Municipality of Recife and Porto Digital, the main focus of the program is on higher education in technology field, which generates more job opportunities for those who wish to enter the labor market. In the first half of 2022, the program offers 350 new places in Internet Systems, Systems Analysis and Development courses – 150 more places than in the first edition. The main requirements to participate in Embarque Digital are residency in the city of Recife; Having attended all the high schools in the public network; have completed high school in the past five years; And you took the National Secondary School Examination (Enem) between 2017 and 2021 or the Sequence Assessment System (SSA) between 2017 and 2020.

Students enrolled in institutions of higher education – and who meet the requirements to participate in Embarque Digital – can also participate in the selection of the program, whether to study a technology course only or even a second degree. Half of the vacancies are for people of color or black skin. In the event of a tie – whether among those who scored on a quota system or in broad competition – the first criterion for breaking a tie is that of a woman. Other class criteria include completion of high school at a public school located in the city of Recife; After completing primary school in a public school; The candidate for the highest age.

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