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“In our recent events, more than R$10 million have been created in business, and in this release, this amount is expected to be exceeded. The goal is to make Brasilia a more innovative city and to advance in classification Smart and digital cities in Brazil and in the world
Hugo Gialanza, President of Brasil Startups

The first day of activities for the fourth edition of Brasilia Innovation Week He was busy. he had todaywith presentations by stadiums at Startups in health care (your health) and guidance, tours and business meetings in Healthcareone of the four Engines of innovation that will be addressed throughout the event.

The free personal program continues until Saturday (30), in the Biotic Brasília, and will include activities targeting three more. Engines Innovation and Technology: Education (edtech) , the financial sector (financial technologyand companies with social impactsocial tech). Places are limited, but registration is still open and can be done through Sympla.

Microsoft Healthcare Industry Director Rogerio Burros | Photos: Júlia Altoé /Brazilian startups

Supported by Correios and Sebrae-DF, this event is part of the project Startup Brasilia 2030 (SB2030)implemented by Fundação de Apoio à Pesquisa e Inovação do Distrito Federal (FAPDF) and implemented by the Consortium of Startups and Digital Entrepreneurs (Brazilian startups).

“In our recent events, more than R$10 million have been created in the business, and in this edition, this amount is expected to be exceeded. The goal is to get entrepreneurs to connect with investors, create partnerships, share knowledge and inspire traditional entrepreneurs to enter the digital world and make Brasilia More innovative city and progress in classification Smart and digital cities in Brazil and in the world, “stresses the president Brazilian startupsHugo Gialanza.

health technology

between the Startups The one who presented her work on the first day of the event is eSinapse. The gaming platform offers fast and affordable remote rehabilitation service for children and adults. “I found out I had a learning problem with auditory processing and after some time closed my son’s ADHD diagnosis. I had access, I did therapy and we did a successful treatment, but it is very expensive and inaccessible to many people. So, We have developed this technological tool that facilitates and speeds up rehabilitation in a digital and low-cost way”, explains one of the founders of start Lily Toledo.

The entrepreneur highlights that the eSinapse tool offers cognitive rehabilitation for those who struggle with attention, memory, language and processing speed, such as people with ADHD or memory consequences caused by the coronavirus, for example. “The event is an opportunity to showcase my brand, convey my message, and meet partners who can help me.”

Another technological solution applied to health was presented before start TechCare, which developed a platform to help caregivers and family members of older adults practice preventive medicine to avoid accidents and situations that may affect or worsen the health of the people they helped. The idea is to act preemptively at home. The platform is also for use by clinicians, who will be able to access daily reports,” explains the CEO of start, Flavia Reese. Announces that TechCare will soon offer interpretation of this information through AI generation ideas Diagnostics, treatments and treatment alternatives.

Opportunities and knowledge

Participants from Brasilia Innovation Week They were also able to attend lectures and mentorship, Workshops And valuable business tours to develop your ideas and business.

boss healthcare sector Give MicrosoftMr. Ruggiero Burros spoke about health and the generation of information technology. pre-existing Investors Guidancepowered by Sebrae, Angel Investor and CEO of TechFounderChristopher Toya has trained investors.

The day also included a business round table with the Correios team, which provided its logistics solutions to entrepreneurs, and a We meet With scientist Fiocruz/RJ and entrepreneur Izabella Gimenes, who has highlighted the opportunities the scientific world presents to those who want to innovate and innovate.

The event is part of the project Startup Brasilia 2030

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“In my course, I have noticed that scientists in training have the same characteristics as entrepreneurs, who are flexible, testing hypotheses all the time to look for solutions, and not being afraid of rejection. So, being able to consolidate these skills and link them to entrepreneurship provides many opportunities success.It is also important to be aware of the various opportunities around us and the great topic I mentioned today is the opportunities that science brings.Some valuable advice is to learn about the actors in the ecosystem,such as government accelerators,incubators, Startupsfunding agencies, public notifications, and partnerships to increase employment,” says Isabella Jimenez.


This version will have other features, such as Innovator InvestRe 1st Demoday by startups Brazil. The first is a pickup truck that takes investors and key players to know about Startups, teamwork and projects based in Brasilia, in addition to other activities promoted by partners. The second is a special event for everyone Startups Registered in Innovatório. The activity will provide high-quality content, access to market investors, and cash prizes Startups specified.

*With information from startups in Brazil

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