Barcelona crushes Sporting and becomes European futsal champion

The Barcelona was crowned, on Sunday, the European futsal champion, by beating Sporting 4-0 at the Arena Riga, in Latvia, “revenge”, and in this way suffered defeat in the final of the last edition of the Champions League, specifically, in front of the lions in the city of Croatian Zadar.

The Lions entered the millionaire race decision stage quite well adding opportunity after opportunity. However, the Catalan team proved to be more “dangerous” in front of the goal, scoring two goals before the end of the first half whistle, through Sergio Lozano and Beto.

In the second half, the match began to lean more and more towards the Blaugrana team (the ‘executioner’ of Benfica in the semi-finals), who are still able to extend the lead, this time thanks to the goals of Ferrão and Didak Plana.

In this way, Barcelona won the fourth Futsal Champions League in its history, thus cementing its position as the second team to have won the most titles of this type, behind only Inter Movistar.

As for Sporting, the current season of the biggest European club competition ends in second place, followed by Benfica, who, hours earlier, defeated ACCS, categorically 5-2, in the match to allocate the third and fourth places.


40′ – The final whistle in Riga. Barcelona crushed Sporting 4-0 and won the Futsal Champions League.

38′ – GOOOOOOOOOO FROM BARCELONA! Didak Plana scores from goal to goal and ends Sporting’s hopes.

35′ – Another missed opportunity by Sporting. After a wrong pass from Didak Plana, Zeke T won the ball, but was unable to put it into the net.

32′- Guitta is once again in the spotlight. Leonen’s goalkeeper was not fooled and saved Matthews’ shot.

30′ – Sporting responds! Alex Merlem “shot” hard, but Didak Plana was attentive and “flew” into the defense.

28′ – Another chance for Barcelona. This time, Guitta veered Dyego’s shot into the corner.

23′ – Double yellow card. It’s for Cardinal and Diego, who ‘got it’ on the field and had to be separated.

21′- GOOOOOOOOOOO FROM BARCELONA! Firao, completely free, beat Guitta and made it 3-0.

21′ – The teams are back on the field. It’s time for Sporting to try to circumvent the title of European champion.

20′ – First half at Arena Riga. Sporting is still down thanks to the goals of Sergio Lozano and Beto.

19′ – More bad news for lions. Thomas Paco stopped Beto and committed the fifth foul of Nuno Dias’ men.

18′ – GOOOOOOOOOOO from Barcelona! Zicky Té loses the ball in a restricted area and Beto takes the opportunity to beat Guitta. A complex task for a sport…

15′- GOOOOOOOOOO FROM BARCELONA! Sergio Lozano, with plenty of rows, passed Joao Matos and put the ball over Guitta, causing her to kiss the back of the net.

14 ‘- ‘Scented’ target in Riga! Matthews Silva shot hard and hit the post.

12′ – What a rescue from Didak Plana! The Barcelona goalkeeper went to the ground to deny Zeke T a goal.

11′ – Another dangerous shot of Lions. The Cardinal appeared in the “shooting” area but missed the target.

9′ – Another yellow card. Now it’s up to Waltino, who hit Firao with his elbow and caused Sporting’s fourth foul.

8′ – Excited final! Now, it was Guitta who said “present” to block Marcinho’s shot.

7′ – Sporting was on the verge of goal! Esteban Guerrero, and then Diego Cavinato, saw the shots, which were intercepted by a veritable “sea” of corpses.

7′ – Third foul on Sporting. Miguel Ângelo grabs an opponent and shows him the yellow card.

6′ – ‘squeeze’ the Catalans! Lozano hit a powerful shot, but Zeke T “gave his body to the lead” to prevent the ball from hitting the goal.

4′ – Answer Barcelona! However, Guitta presented a “disgrace” and Mateus Silva was denied the goal.

2′ – Alex Merlin gives first danger signal! However, Decak Plana runs to avoid the goal.

0 ‘ – the opening whistle in Riga. The Futsal Champions League Final is already playing.

start the fives

Barcelona: Didak Plana, André Coelho, Diego, Adolfo and Ferrao.

Sporting: Guetta, Thomas Paco, Joao Matos, Diego Cavanato and Alex Merlem.


Barcelona and Sporting will face each other on Sunday, at Arena Riga, in Latvia, in search of the European futsal champion title, which is expected to be a “hot” final of the Champions League.

The Lions returned to play after they left behind the Portuguese Ricardinho, in the “half”, emphatically 6-2, against the Catalan team that eliminated Benfica, in the “last sigh” of overtime, with 5. 4.

The Intercontinental Champion, Green and White, knows that if they win, they will equalize the Blaugrana as the second team with the most titles of this type. This will already be the third, which will leave them only behind Inter Movistar, who already have five.

The Barcelona-Sporting kick-off is scheduled for 16:00 (Portugal time), and you can follow it live. sports per minute.

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