5 TV series to watch covering technology topics

Series: For tech lovers, there is a wide variety of series on the topic. Credits: Getty Creative

  • The technology series covers topics such as artificial intelligence and the dystopian future;

  • By 2026, major streaming platforms will control more than half (53%) of the 1.7 billion subscription base worldwide;

  • The time one spends watching series on these platforms has increased by about 75% in the year 2020 alone.

The habit of watching soap operas is becoming increasingly popular. According to a study by Digital TV Research, by 2026 major streaming platforms will control more than half (53%) of the 1.7 billion subscription base worldwide. For consultancy PwC, time spent watching series on these platforms increased by about 75% in 2020 alone, and the number of subscribers in the US has doubled to more than 125 million users.

Brazil was not left behind. About 65.58% of the population subscribes to some live streaming service. Data is from a survey conducted by Empresa Finder. The platforms with the most subscribers in the country are: Netflix (31%), Amazon Prime Video (22%), Disney+ (11%), HBO Max (10%) and Globoplay (8%).

In the catalog of these companies, the diversity is huge. For tech lovers, there is a huge variety of series on this topic, presenting topics ranging from artificial intelligence, a dystopian future in which technology can be evil, to a documentary series on the path of industry visionaries.

Here are 5 must-watch series that feature technology as the protagonist in their plots:

  1. black mirror

  2. Modified carbon

  3. Bill Gates Law

  4. bet high

  5. Mr. Robot

black mirror

Play Netflix.

Play Netflix.

The phrase “This is very Black Mirror” became a meme on social media after the British series debuted on Netflix in 2011. With the release of 5 seasons, Black Mirror presents its episodes with a dystopian future in which humanity is often shown dealing with sometimes invasive and intimidating technology in people’s daily lives.

Created by Charlie Brooker, this science fiction and psychological thriller series tackles dark themes through the satire of modern society and its relationship to technology.

Modified carbon

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

The series is based on the book of the same name and takes place in the year 2384. In this still distant universe, people can store their consciousness in capsules and change their bodies without dying. To uncover a murder, the main character in the plot awakens 250 years after his death and investigates the crime using artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality.

The series has two seasons and is available on Netflix.

Bill Gates Law

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

The documentary series tells the story and influences of one of tech’s greatest visionaries, Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft. Episodes is a journey through the mind of a billionaire who dedicates himself today to social causes, and through testimonials from Gates, explores his inspirations, memories, and goals for the future.

Available on Netflix.

bet high

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

Betting High is a South Korean romantic comedy that follows the steps of a young entrepreneur who wants to become the Steve Jobs of her country. The main character, along with her friend and manager, decides to start a tech startup. The series takes place in the fictional Sandbox, referring to Silicon Valley only in South Korea.

The series premiered in the year 2020 and so far one season is available on Netflix.

Mr. Robot

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

The series stars Rami Malek, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor. In it, the actor plays a hacker and cyber security engineer who suffers from anxiety and depression disorder. In the plot, Malik’s character finds himself at a crossroads when a mysterious leader recruits him for a group of hackers to destroy the company he works for.

Mr. The robot is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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