Vila do Conde Pet friendly ice cream shop with unique and natural flavors

Not all childhood dreams came true, but Jennifer Satzger devoted herself entirely to making her project come to a happy ending. The effort was worth it. At 10 a.m. on December 11, 2021 – he proudly recalls – Licious opened its doors for the first time in Mindelo, a parish in Vila do Conde. Since then, it has been an obligatory stopping point for those passionate about the wonderful world of ice cream. The space is eco-friendly and pet-friendly.

Genelicious, as her friends have called her since the song “Fergalicious” by American artist Fergie, was born in Germany and has German parents. However, only three months later, he came to Portugal, where he stayed until he finished high school. At that time he returned to his homeland to continue his studies and work. As an Events and Marketing Manager, she has traveled to Switzerland and the UAE. But in the bag there was something that could not be missing: the desire to return to the land in which he grew up and a craving for ice cream.

The businessman says that this passion has always been with her. The phrase “One day I will open an ice cream parlor” was one of the most frequent phrases of his life. At the age of thirty, his mission was accomplished.

“I always believed that ice cream is the thing that heals and brings happiness. An option to consider for any occasion. When I was sad, or had headaches or even stomachaches, ice cream was always the answer,” he began by explaining.

It was postponed, but with the arrival of the epidemic anticipating a return to Portugal, he decided to start his work. To this end, he wrote the business plan and conducted a market study aimed at identifying what is not there and what can be improved. Next, he proves that when someone dreams of the birth of a business, he defines the whole concept of Licious, whose name comes naturally from Jennifer’s nickname.

But what exactly does licious mean? “In my vocabulary, Licious means personal, individual, love of detail, dazzling feeling, and that extra flair. It’s a way of life, a feeling, gratitude for the smallest things in life. It’s also a blend of luxury with essentials and pink. A colorful glow, honesty, authenticity and creativity,” he explains.

When you want to be a lot, the risk of falling short is real, but the realization of this project that was born in the North and combines a beautiful and relaxing environment, “where you want to be”, with a high-quality product, manages to be without exaggerating the sound. But not only in order to achieve everything that is set to do.

“My vision has always been to create an ice cream shop that offers more than just ice cream. I wanted to provide an intense ice cream experience with a sinister touch, by creating a place that invites you to stay, where the individual is respected and receives a personalized and proactive treat. In a world where you become anonymous. More and more, this is exactly what humans are looking for: consideration.”

This brings us to a product made with “natural, local and seasonal ingredients”. Thus, in these aspects, dyes and preservatives are located on the door. “There is no place for anything unnatural, so I produce everything from scratch, with no pre-made mixes.”

Lotus cracker (house flavour), peanut butter, pastel de nata, lindt 70 percent chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla, coconut, cappuccino and Greek yogurt are some of the flavors Jennifer offers. Fruits are also present, but they vary according to the season. In an effort to reduce waste, everything is edible, from cones to fresh cups, to spoon and straws. Up to two, three or four flavors, respectively, 3.20 €, 4.60 € and 5.60 €, respectively.

In addition to ice cream, there are heart-shaped waffles made to order. with cinnamon and sugar (2.5 euros); homemade jam (2.9 euros); hot chocolate (3.4 euros); seasonal fruit and whipped cream (3.9 euros); 1 tablespoon (4.2 euros) or 2 tablespoons (5.2 euros) of ice cream; Or fresh cheese and smoked salmon (4.8€) are options.

The offer also includes homemade, “less sweet, natural, organic, sometimes vegan and gluten-free” cakes, which vary each day. To accompany, there is a selection of tea (€2.5) from an organic farm, Chá Camélia; cappuccino (2 euros); Afogato – coffee with a scoop of ice cream – (2.6 €); thawed wine (2.9 euros); And natural juice (2.9 euros), for example.

The sea view will soon be better enjoyed. Jennifer says the balcony should be ready in mid-May. Until then, it pays to get acquainted with the interior, with ice cream hangers in the bathrooms, an Instagram-able wall that secures gray-lightening photos in Instagram feeds, motivational phrases scattered throughout the room that you want to inspire those who visit and a private area where Children can play.

In this space, which is eco-friendly and pet-friendly, as you’d expect, Jennifer also strives to educate clients about the importance of concepts such as sustainability and seasonality, especially among the younger ones.

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