SC dog travels around the world after being diagnosed with a chronic disease

Have you ever fantasized about traveling the world with your pet? Diego Araujo, 34, came up with this idea and decided to put it into practice. Together with Gordo’s dog, the businessman left everything behind, set up a new business model and began his adventurous journey in Florianopolis. The origins of this impulse go back to the sad news: The English Terrier has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and will only live for another year. So he had to put the plan into action immediately.

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Diego lived in Navegantes, and owned a barber shop, along with a surf shop and tattoo studio. The “traditional” life took a hit after the pet’s diagnosis. It was then that the initial sadness gave way to a feeling of “living intensely”.

– I was told: he will live to be two years old, I was sad. After that, I started hanging out with him, took him to everything, 24 hours a day together – says Diego.

With the pandemic, the teacher is more sad than ever at the prospect of his best friend’s passing. Here’s an idea: Since I was a barber, I could set up a mobile barbershop and travel with my boyfriend:

– I asked God for a year so that I could organize everything and start the journey.

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This is what happened. He spent five months trying to find a truck to assemble the entire chassis and another six months to completely refurbish the car. The interior of the space includes a bed for two to sleep and an organized space for the barbershop. Abroad, the slogan catches the eye: “I cut my hair and beard to travel the world.” The ferry attracts many tourists and spectators to Praia de Canasvieiras, in the north of the island, in Florianópolis. The barber says that only on carnival holidays did he make more money than the five years he had a steady barbershop.

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With the business going well, the owner came up with the idea of ​​turning the dog into an entrepreneur as well. His motto: “I sell food to travel the world.” Gordo “sells” food utensils for R$10 meant for street dogs or NGOs. He uses the profit to treat his kidney disease, which costs about R$700 a month, according to Diego. The procedure is already in place and determined by the panels on the truck windows, but it still cannot afford all the expenses at the moment.

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Learn more about Gordo’s chronic disease

Gordo discovered in just one year that he suffers from chronic kidney disease. This diagnosis can occur in dogs and cats, and is more common when the animals are very old. However, there are several factors that can generate this situation, explained veterinary nephrologist, Leila Queiroz:

Chronic kidney disease occurs when the animal has already lost a large amount of kidney cells, that is, they have already died and will not function again. It is an irreversible picture. This can happen for a number of reasons: aging, infections, kidney stones, and even birth defects.

Cases like that of Gordo, who was very young when he discovered the problem, mainly occur for the last reason mentioned above and are related to race. The people most at risk of contracting the disease are Spitz, Shih-Tzu and Shar Bay, Lila says. However, although the English bulldog is not on this list, the breed was the cause of Gordo’s disease, according to Epperson Moreira, the vet who has been following the patient from the start.

Because it is an incurable disease, early diagnosis is important. Chronic kidney disease can have different degrees, which are classified into four stages. In the first two, the animal had no symptoms and the kidney problem was only discovered through blood, urine and ultrasound tests. In the latter two, the animal feels some symptoms, but since they are non-specific, it is also diagnosed only by examinations.

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Moreira reports that Gordo arrived to consult with apathy and a lack of appetite. Through tests, it was concluded that it is a chronic kidney disease. Initially, prescribed medications were needed, as well as a proper diet and vitamins. Over time, his condition stabilized, and the last time the dog underwent a medical exam, in 2021, he was able to withdraw his medication, and keep his supplements and food special.

Initially, Gordo was expected to live until he was two years old. With proper treatment and leading a good lifestyle, the dog exceeds expectations and is four years old. Although there is no cure, it is possible for the disease to stabilize and the dog not to die from it, says veterinary nephrologist Leila Queiroz.

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What happens is that if the animal discovers the disease very late, already at the last stage, it is possible to live only another year. Therefore, Lily stresses the importance of yearly examination of pets until the age of 8 years, and every six months when they reach this age.

fat dog
Fat Dog leads a calm and healthy lifestyle to stabilize disease

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Is man’s best friend a dog?

The bond between dogs and humans is not new, more than 15,000 years of coexistence have passed, according to researcher Francisco Cabral, a biologist who studies the bonding relationship between dogs and educators. From a psychological point of view, it shows that pets serve as a great emotional support for humans, both in everyday life and in stressful situations, such as an epidemic.

We establish a bonding relationship with dogs, Cabral explains.

Scientific experiments have already determined that humans are calmer with dogs, as well as safer around a teacher. This human-dog relationship can be friendship or even become part of the family. According to Cabral, Diego’s desire to enjoy every second with the dog is due to the bond that was built.

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But not always in history animals had such a close coexistence with humans.

“If we talk to grandparents and great-grandparents, they usually say the dog has always been in the backyard and gets leftovers,” Cabral recalls.

Currently, an entire market for pets is on the rise, with clothing, homes, and snacks. The specialist comments that even some humans prefer animals instead of children, because they believe that this requires less work and expenses. However, he cautions, pets also need attention and have social needs.

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To the researcher, there is no doubt that a dog is man’s best friend, yes. The evolution of man himself was influenced by dogs. Studies and archaeological sites show that ancient groups with dogs to help with hunting were more likely to survive. The dogs also developed the muscles of the forehead to make the famous face “Baidaw” and to attract more attention:

“We depend on each other,” Cabral concludes.

Diego and Gordo in Van
He adopted Diego Gordo when he was only two months old

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And the journey continues

Diego’s initial idea was to travel from Ushuaia, Argentina, and go to Alaska, USA, by truck. However, since he relied on the earnings of his haircut, he decided to change course and leave for the coast of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, after Florianópolis.

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He explained that the decision was taken after advice from customers and tourists who passed there. As in the southeast, the winter is not as cold as in the south, the businessman believes that he will be able to work and earn more money there. The idea is for him to visit more countries in South America, such as Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Then the plan is to go to the United States, to Chicago, where Diego’s brother lives.

As a future project, the barber also wants to create a website with the same name as Gordo’s Instagram, “tudopelodog”. The idea is to partner with brands to sell the feed on the web, but with the difference of buying from Gordo, the money helps the dog travel around the world.

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Diego and Gordo traveling in a mobile barbershop Tiago Guzzoni / Diario Catarinense

The adventure began after Gordo was diagnosed with a chronic illness – Tiago Guzzoni / Diario Catarinense

Gordo exceeds life expectancy and is already 4 years old – Tiago Guzzoni / Diario Catarinense

Gordo loves to ski and surf in the sea – Tiago Guzzoni / Diario Catarinense

Diego will continue the trip to the coast of SP or RJ – Tiago Guzzoni / Diario Catarinense

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