More than 50,000 candidates must sit for Semsa exams on Sunday 5/1

More than 50,000 candidates must sit for Semsa exams on Sunday 5/1

The City Council of Manaus is holding this Sunday, 1/5 a new stage of the Municipal Health Administration Public Competition (CEMSA). More than 50,000 candidates must compete for one of the 468 vacancies offered for senior and entry-level positions, as well as two mid-level positions (ambulance driver and motorcyclist). The exams will be conducted in 98 educational units in the capital, starting at 2 pm.

Entrance gates to the tasting rooms will open at 12:30 pm and close at 1:45 pm. Candidates who have not yet confirmed where they will sit for the exam should access the website of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), the event organizer, through the link

It is recommended that registrants arrive one hour before gates close. Applicants must bring their original ID, proof of registration or proof of payment of the registration fee and a black or blue ballpoint pen made of transparent material. During the test, the use of a personal protective mask will be mandatory.

Candidates may enter the testing site with water or snack containers, as long as they are in clear packaging and without a label.

The test, of an elimination and qualifying character, will last four hours and candidates can leave the venue only two hours after the start of the test. The FGV informs that the candidate can only take the question booklet three hours after the test and that the last three candidates in the room will only be released when the latter takes the test and after signing the transcript.


Candidates for the 47 Senior Positions (Health Professional) presented in Public Notice 002/2021 must take the exam on Sunday. The positions are administrator, lawyer, analyst (database, systems development and IT infrastructure), architect and urban planner, social worker, biologist, dental surgeon (general, dentist, pediatric dentist, orthodontist, for people with disabilities, Periodontist, Prosthodontist, Oral and Maxillofacial), Communicator, Accountant, Economist, Nurse (Epidemiologist, General, Intensive Care Specialist, Obstetrician), Engineer (Civil, Occupational Safety and Electrical), Statistician, Pharmacist (Cell Specialist Clinical, clinical analysis), health inspector (physical, general, physician, veterinarian, dietician, chemist), physiotherapist, speech therapist, veterinarian, nutritionist, physical education specialist, psychologist and occupational therapist.

On this day, examinations will also be for candidates who have applied for the six primary (Health Assistant) positions offered on the same general notice – River Cook, Stretcher, Deck River Sailor, Machine River Sailor, Auto Driver and River Driver – and also those registered for mid-level positions​ ​(Health Assistant) for Public Notice 003/2021 – Ambulance Driver and Motorcycle Driver.

The competition is coordinated by the Municipal and Planning Department (Semad) and offers a total of 2,001 vacancies as well as a reserve register to fill vacancies in Semsa.

The Municipal Health Secretary, Djalma Coelho, explains that the first checks of doctors took place on the 1st of April and that the last tests of the mid- and mid-level technical jobs will be applied on the 5th of June. The Secretary notes that the recruitment of new professionals should begin immediately upon completion of all phases of the competition and within the required statutory deadlines.


The two most popular vacancies at this stage of the tests are the two vacancies submitted for the position of lawyer, as 1442 people applied for the position, resulting in a competition of 721 candidates for each vacancy. Even at the top level, competition for a public health inspector is high, with 657 people applying for a vacancy; and for the Director General, which has 478.67 candidates for each vacancy.

For core positions, Car Driver is the most sought after, with 406.7 candidates per vacancy, followed by Maqueiro, who has a dispute of 288.8 candidates per vacancy offered.

According to the FGV, the average competition this Sunday is 111.5 candidates for each of the 468 vacancies offered. The calculation takes into account a total of 52,162 applications for all jobs whose testing date is scheduled for Sunday.

Semsa advises candidates to pay attention to the recommendations and requirements of the FGV and to read the registration confirmation card carefully.

Latest evidence

Secretary Djalma Coelho notes that the objective examinations for mid- and mid-level technical positions, described in Decree No. 002/2021, will be held on June 5, in two shifts.

For the position AS – Administrative Assistant (40 hours), which has 43,000 applicants, the exam will take place from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, and for all other mid- and mid-level technical positions – Community Health Agent II, Administrative Assistant (30 hours), Oral Health Assistant , Foreman, Computer Programmer, Nursing Technician, IT Maintenance Technician, Clinical Pathology Technician, Medical Radiology Technician, Oral Health Technician and Occupational Safety Technician – Exam will be applied in the afternoon, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

For these groups, the FGV informs that consultation with testing sites will be open from May 30th.

text – Andrea Arruda / SMSA

Pictures Camila Batista / SMSA

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