Mid-range for a new brand operating in Portugal

The Alive It is a smartphone brand that will officially start operating in Portugal from the 2nd of May. It is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world which has finally officially started to operate in the domestic market. And on May 2, the first two smartphones arrived in the national market, vivo V23 and Vivo Y76 5G.

And as you have noticed from the title of this article, it is dedicated to our analysis of the vivo Y76 5G, a mid-range smartphone, which, as I mentioned, arrives in Portugal on May 2nd.

In addition to its modern connection, 5G, the Vivo Y76 above all wants to seduce the public because it is a versatile device with exceptional imaging resources, given its range. It also boasts the thinnest 5G smartphone in the Y range, an important element when looking for precision in design as well as unparalleled lightness. Will that be enough to surprise us? This is what we will try to understand, and let us know that this is the first Vivo (I hope to many) I had the opportunity to test it.

The Vivo Y76 5G phone has a design that can be described as bold. The color of the device I received for testing is described as Cosmic Aurora, and it is trimmed in a slightly holographic blue, chrome on the edges and satin on the back. Finishes are clean and everything is very good. Although it is primarily made of plastic, it is nice to hold and appears to have a good build quality.

However, I can’t help but mention that the back of the Vivo Y76 5G phone feels a bit slippery. However, the “more greedy” people will be happy to know that the brand offers a protective coating as well as a flexible transparent cover.

Its size and shape are absolutely classic, Vivo takes no risks and prefers to bet on an already known design, which is a safe bet. Only the photographic sensor block protrudes a bit, being raised by about 2 millimeters, which prevents it from lying completely flat when placed on a table. In addition, the overall configuration of the smartphone is standard, we have a USB-C port on the bottom, a SIM port on the top, as well as the power buttons and volume sensor on the right, as well as a fingerprint sensor, which is mounted on the power button. There are also two microphones (one on the top, one on the bottom) and one loudspeaker on the bottom.

In the end, vivo chose to keep the Y76’s 3.5mm jack port, which no longer fits many of its competitors.

As for its screen, here we have a 6.58-inch LCD screen with FullHD + resolution, with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, and a “standard” refresh rate of only 60 Hz. It is far from a great show, because it lacks glare, and in sunlight it is very difficult to see its content. Inside it works fine without any problems.

Now let’s move on to the performance of the Vivo Y76 5G, which is not necessarily exceptional, but remains in line with what the brand can offer in the mid-range. Inside, we have a slice of your mediaThe Dimension 700In addition to a 4100 mAh battery. If you’re not a very heavy user, its battery lasts for a few days, and with regular daily use, it provides nearly two days of autonomy, which is a really good thing. The good news is that it also supports 44W charging and the right charger comes in the box, which fully charges the phone in just over an hour.

Unsurprisingly, in benchmark tests, we found this in vivo Y76 to fall into the mid-range, but on a daily basis, it has no problems performing the required tasks. But I want to mention that it is not the most suitable smartphone for demanding applications, such as some heavy games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile or any other 3D game, because they tend to heat up the phone a bit, and its performance is a bit far from acceptable. Nothing as dramatic as usual in this type of equipment. Apps like Facebook, email, Instagram, browsers, etc. work without any problems.

And since we’re talking about software, know that this vivo Y76 5G comes with the OS based Android 12And, to be more precise, it comes with FunTouch OS 12. By default, the general appearance of applications may be too small, so it tends to become interface heavy. Moreover, it contains revision Security for March 2022 which is very good. Another really very positive point is the lack of Pre-installed appsAnd here the brand teaches other Chinese manufacturers a lesson.

It’s time to speak in the photography department of the Vivo Y76 5G, and know that this is the side where Vivo is betting on a large part of its sales. On the back of the smartphone we have an imaging unit consisting of three photographic sensors. The main sensor has a 50 MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture, a 2 MP bokeh sensor with an f/2.4 aperture, and a 2 MP macro sensor with an f/2.4 aperture. As always, the last one is storytelling, so I can say I used it quite a bit. As for the other two, they really don’t deliver 100% what Vivo promised us. Overall, the details are not as sharp as we thought, and the vivo Y76 5G struggles to bring out impressions of depth, despite the presence of a bokeh sensor (or depth, as you prefer to call it). So we have an image that is often very static, but with really nice colors and very good contrast. Despite everything, it is a more than enough device to take a few everyday photos, especially when the weather is just right for it.

In low light, the device tends to capture as much light as possible, even if that means creating slight digital noise, which is noticeable but not too annoying. While this can be a good point at times, it is also prone to changing colors, causing them to transition to a warmer spectrum. On the front, we have a 16MP sensor within the notch of a water drop on the screen. Your selfies are of average quality, and again, the sharpness isn’t always there, it’s all about the light. In good lighting conditions, we have excellent photos, but when you lack them, the quality tends to deteriorate. How do you behave with photos on social networks? They are more than enough.

Final Verdict Vivo Y76 5G

I really like its elegant shape and very cute “trace”. The vivo Y76 5G is similar to many other devices currently on the market, it’s no wonder it’s a practical smartphone, and while it doesn’t stand out at any point, it touches all the points, some more prominent than others.

The least positive part is undoubtedly the photos in low-light conditions, something the company can do better in terms of software, and its screen also tends to be very dark. I admit I was expecting more from these two areas.

Vivo Y76 5G

However, it also has very positive points, and judging from its independence, it is really very good. Its overall performance is also not bad, apart from the heaviest games, it runs everything else without major issues.

As such, my review for this vivo Y76 5G is:

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