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Darwin’s goal at the start of the match gave the three points to Sport Lisbon and Benfica On his trip to Madeira to compete against Maritimo in round 32 of Dory Bowen. Youngsters from the squad, Sandro Cruz and Thiago Gouvia made their debut for A das eagles.

With winning ways back on the horizon, Benfica coach Nelson Verissimo has introduced Four adjustments Against the eleven that started the match with Famalecao (0-0). Gilberto, Grimaldo, Diogo Gonçalves and Gonzalo Ramos left, Andre Almeida, Sandro Cruz – In absolute debut – Joao Mario And Everton; Vasco Sebra, on the isolated side too Five pieces changed: Diogo Mendes, Bellagio, Zadas, Henrique Rafael and Alibor, starting with Beltram, Ivan Rossi, Guytan, André Vidigal, and Joel Taguillo.

Effective access to Glorioso. Gil Dias intercepted the ball from Maritimo to attack, the number 31 crept into the area, shot, Paulo Victor defended and Darwin, on the rebound, head inside, and open the scoring (2′). 0-1 at CS Marítimo The Uruguayan Goal 26 in the Bowen League.

With undone null, the . file The match gained more life, with Marítimo extending over the four lines and approaching the red zone with danger. you Red and green used, above all, the central aisle and the left side To create a dent in the eagle. Benfica, in turn, allowed the Maritimesta to come up with the ball to try Surprise in quick transformations and on deep explorationtaking advantage of the speed of Darwin, Gil Dias and Everton to attack the most withdrawn stronghold of Vasco Cebra’s leadership.

Bold on the field of play, the islanders feared 5′. Beltrame took a shot from the edge of the penalty area, with the ball passing close to the goal defended by Odysseus. Real danger moves weren’t plentiful, but The game was fun to followWith few stops They played for one high frequency. However, Maritimo was over again, in 22 ‘. Insistence of throwing after a corner kick and Claudio Wink, in an acrobatic fashion, tries to surprise.

Maritimo Benfica

Even in front of the scoreboard, Benfica wanted more, and in 25′The Darwin’s powerful cross-shot crossed an inch From the last goal defended by Paulo Victor. Avatars were at the front, controlled the action of the match and was “easiest” in 42′. Claudio Wink was reckless In a dispute over the ball with Sandro Cruz, he entered strongly at left-back and saw the red card Shown by referee Helder Malhero.

before the break, in 45′ + 1′highlight another quote with a value of trembling Beside the marine area. A mix between Gil Dias and Darwin on the right, a tense Uruguayan cross, but Joao Mario, who was in good shape, was unable to adjust for the purpose. to me intervalBenfica to win, for 0-1.

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The Benfica came better than the locker rooms, and came out sharperthe position that surprised those led by Vasco Sibra. More ball, higher streaks, more pressure The Maritimo ball came out and the two managers pointed out the difficulties in what they felt most comfortable in: playing supported and building from the back.

They took advantage of the vultures to bring danger to the solitary goal, and in doing so they achieved the goal that gave more volume and calm. to me 49 ‘after a good collective move, Paolo Bernardo, in a great position, crooked shot. Maritimo had to play in transitions. In one of them, in 57 ‘André Vidigal – took over at right-back after Claudio Winck was sent off – went up the aisle and was shown Joel Tagoyo nodded at the Odyssey character.

Maritimo Benfica

The game continued animation, in the form of a halt response and, in 60′it was the role of Luz and Joao Mario try their luck. Playing the clash, the ball passes through several players until it reaches Darwin on the right flank. Crossing the spearhead and 20 shirt, kick the mill, side shooting. There’s less than half an hour left until the match ends and it’s time to start moving…

The The first coach to use the bench was Nelson Verissimo. Gonçalo Ramos was fired in the 62nd minute, and 10 minutes later, in the 72nd minute, Valentino and Tiago Gouveia, in the absolute debut of the main team. Although Vasco Sebra had played with ten items since the 42nd minute, he only changed the cut in the 74th minute, firing Clecio and Alibor into the match.

Maritimo Benfica

Refreshed refreshed Benfica once again in danger. Darwin received the ball on the edge of the area, and made the shot, but Paulo Victor saved it (75).. The match was going towards the end, and Vasco Cebra burned the last cartridges with the entries of Miguel Souza (85), Henrique Rafael and Bellagio (89), and succeeded in feuds. to me 90′ + 3′And Vitor Costa took a shot, and the ball slipped into the Benfica defense, with Odyssey, attentive, pushing it wide. The last line and preserve the victory of Benfica in the stronghold of Maritimo, in order to 0-1.

Eagles are now adding 71 points in the Bowen League standings. The next round, 33, there The classic at Estádio da Luz between Benfica and Porto, scheduled for 6:00 pm on May 7 (Saturday).

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