Hospitalar: Content Arenas discusses the future of healthcare in customer service and technology-allied business

From May 17-20, Hospitalar 2022 will arrive at Expo São Paulo to bring to market the new possibilities of technology, home care and consumer service improvement that have emerged from the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Returning to the face-to-face situation after two years of interruption, the 27th edition of the largest exhibition in Brazil and Latin America in this sector will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about the news of more than 1,000 exhibiting brands, as well as to follow four conferences, with related Brazilian and foreign guests in the region Participation in courses, forums and lectures promoted by event partners.

In all, there will be seven arenas distributed in the exhibition stand: technology, facilities, rehabilitation, home care, clinical engineering, industry and distributors, and health.

All spaces will be scheduled over the four days of the fair, starting at 2 p.m.

It will not be necessary to have a specific registration for each lecture, Hospitalar accreditation will entitle you to attend the events, and it is sufficient for the interested party to arrive at the venue in advance.

Programming Technology Arena

full table:

May 17-18 – Present and future of information technology (IT)

Perception: ABCIS – Brazilian Health Association CIO

May 19 Startups Healthtechs Contributing to your health business, energy management in your health business, digital transformation in your health business, Brasil Mais Program: revolutionizing your company with the largest productivity program in Brazil

Produced by: Sabra

What SBIS can do for you and for digital health

Perception: SBIS – Brazilian Society for Health Informatics

May 20 – Major hospitals and their success stories in the field of information technology

– Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Hospital – DataLab as a catalyst for innovation and digital health

– Syria Hospital – Lebanon – Agile practices enable digital transformation

Arena facilities programming

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May 17 – Challenges and Critical Points

May 18 – People Development for Operational Efficiency

May 19 – Excellence in Services

May 20 – In search of high performance in hospitality and facilities

Arena rehabilitation programming

Full programming:

Technologies that are changing the world of jobs

May 17 – Technologies and Rehabilitation – The future of functional electrical stimulation: efficiency, security and remote monitoring

May 18 – Non-invasive methodologies to monitor and treat SN changes

– fNIRS (Functional Infrared Spectroscopy), the metabolic response of the brain

fNIRS (Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy) and Parkinson’s Disease

Vital signs and EEG (electroencephalography): a look into the future

Effectiveness of tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) in depression

Chronic pain and tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation)

– Motor and cognitive effects of tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation)

May 19 – Remote rehabilitation: a successful model in digital health

– Digital health: a proposal for access, equality and quality,

Using digital technologies to monitor the clinical and functional behavior of patients with medical conditions

The long experience of Covid patients

The neuropsychological approach in stroke patients – the digital methodology

Tele-consultation and tele-consultation: How will this change the health system?

May 20 – The future of rehabilitation

Functional Electrical Stimulation – A Home Approach

– Accelerometer course and FES project for all Brazil

Sensors and signals for adequate posture and well-being

Ultrasound and neuromodulation: a new approach to brain injury

Robotic exoskeleton, a reality for Brazil

– Demonstration of the new robotic exoskeleton

Implementation of the four days: Institutional Support Hospital: Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation HCFMUSP

Programming Home Care Arena

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May 17 – Sponsoring Transition: An Efficiency and Sustainability Solution

– Home care – Specialized care for the elderly in home care

Using technology to monitor patients in home care

Innovative trends in the home care model

Home care – telemedicine and ventilator assistance at home

Agile and innovative responses to household challenges

Home care – evaluation strategies for quality and patient safety programmes

The importance of the caregiver’s role in transmission and continuity of care

May 18 – hospitalization

Displacement: hospital sustainability, patient safety

Hospitalization: Advantages and Difficulties in Pediatrics

– Discharge from the hospital: who benefits from this operation?

– CASE: Highly Complex Case Management and Model of Care and GNDI Successful Experience in Hospital Discharge

– Safe discharge from hospital: experience at Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital

Hospital admission: What is a qualified patient profile?

Care transition strategies: patient- and family-centered multidisciplinary work

May 19 – Care Transition

Indications for assistance in transitional hospitals

Market view of transitional hospital

Rehabilitation after Covid-19 in a transitional unit

Industry view of transitional hospital

Magic Journey

Transitional hospitals from the point of view of vertical operators

Implementation of the four days: INCONSAD – the national meeting of home care and hospital services

May 20 – Associations and suppliers

The importance of physical therapy in a pandemic scenario and new habits that will be part of the help

Effects of occupational therapy on home care: experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

– Equipment technology contributing to remote monitoring of patients on mechanical ventilation

The importance of an oral therapist in dealing with large skin lesions, in home care

Nutritional intervention in the treatment outcomes of skin lesions

Benefits of using botulinum toxin in home care rehabilitation

Programming Clinical Engineering Arena

full table:

May 17 – Einstein Clinical Engineering Forum: Innovation and Best Practice

– Innovation and Best Practices in Clinical Engineering – Robotic Surgery with the Da Vinci Robot

Clinical engineering in critical environments: electrical power reliability and electromagnetic interference

– Innovation and Best Practices in Clinical Engineering – Practical Experiences for Postgraduate Students in Clinical Engineering

May 18 – Einstein Clinical Engineering Forum: Innovation and Best Practice

Clinical engineering best practices for communication and information security management

Networking of equipment and integration with patient record and radiology system: interface with IT

Teaching quality: the skills needed for a clinical engineering professional to develop the management of a medical technology park

– Innovation and Best Practices in Clinical Engineering – Practical Experiences for Postgraduate Students in Clinical Engineering

May 19 – The future of clinical engineering

Hospital inspections: What’s new in CREA’s inspection approach

Recognition of the profession of clinical engineer

Network risks: cyberattacks

May 20 – The future of clinical engineering

Clinical engineering indicators design

health technology assessment

– Information Technology

Management models in clinical engineering

Held on the 17th and 18th: Faculdade Israelita de Ciências da Saúde – Albert Einstein

Held on the 19th and 20th: ABEClin – Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering

Arena industry and distributor programming

full table:

May 17 – Sustainability of the system and business environment

– Resumption of discussions on the importance of the SUS healthy economic-industrial complex and as a sectoral industrial policy

Health Products Regulatory Affairs (Anvisa)

May 18 – Technology and Innovation

Roles of the state, academia and industry (the triple helix) in promoting and promoting research and development of health technologies in Brazil

– Health Products Regulatory Affairs (INMETRO)

– TUSS table: automatic registration of products in the TUSS table against existing models

May 19 – Ethics and Compliance

Compliance policies and self-regulatory procedures for the medical device sector

Convergence points in data privacy regulations in the European Union, Brazil and the United States of America

Changes in the bidding law and its implications for the health sector


– How can a partnership between the private sector and the third sector rehabilitate health care in Brazil based on the use of medical technology?

Ethics, compliance and regulatory issues with Anvisa, INMETRO, ANS and others.

People, the environment and climate justice

Mental health as a corporate challenge

Implementation of the four days: ABIMED – Brazilian Association of the Health Technology Industry

Arena Health Programming

full table:

May 18 – Good Nursing Practices in Infusion Therapy and Medicine

Peripheral long reach: what evidence do we have?

Medication leakage: from prevention to treatment

Injuries associated with the use of medical adhesives: how to prevent them?

– Case study: the use of “Matricaria chamomile(Chamomile) in the vein

All subjects will have a hands-on presentation.

Achievement: HCFMUSP – Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo

May 19 – Learn about ANBIOTEC BRASIL: trends, innovations and technologies in the biotechnology sector

Produced by: Anbiotec

May 20 – Schedule Available Soon

Perception: Abrafin – the Brazilian Association of Multifunctional Physiotherapy


Visitor approval: – Advance: Free. On site: 70.00 BRL.

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