Fiat 500e review | Small in size, giant in technology

Remember that old folk idiom that said “the best perfumes are in the smallest bottles”? Transferring the characteristics of an old saying to the world of electric cars, we can say that the Fiat 500e is undoubtedly a great fragrance in a small bottle.

The Italian brand charter spent a week in the hands of the reporter from Canaltech And if the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe agenda is to define the experience in one word, then the best option would be “amazing”.

The Fiat 500e lacks space, but has plenty of technology (Photo: Paolo Amaral/Canaltec)

The Fiat 500e, as well as the JAC E-JS1, an electric compact from the Chinese brand that we also tested here, has an imprint that focuses more on the urban cycle than the road. Not for excellent performance, but for autonomy of 270-460 kilometers, depending on the driving mode.


  • Technique
  • performance
  • the design
  • safety


  • inner space
  • panel finishing
  • Bank settlement
  • price

Communication and security

Connectivity and security go hand in hand in the Fiat 500e. The compact from the Italian brand manages to combine practically everything that is modern and modern in these two aspects in one package.

In terms of connectivity and technology, the Fiat 500e is a show in itself. Compatibility, via Bluetooth, without cable, with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, already puts the Compact ahead of many competitors, but this is not, by far, the highlight of the technology package.

Fiat 500e bathrooms in the connectivity and passenger safety package (Photo: Paolo Amaral/Canaltec)

The vehicle has the latest features such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane keep assist and other elements typically found only on premium vehicles, such as:

  • Six airbags
  • HD rear camera
  • high beam switch;
  • rain sensor;
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • independent braking aid with pedestrian detection;
  • speed limit sign reader;
  • fatigue detector
  • Blind spot monitoring.
  • 360 degree parking sensors;
  • Park Assist.
The Fiat 500e digital kit indicates the car’s overall behavior (Photo: Paolo Amaral/Canaltec)

Convenience and user experience

The part about comfort and the experience of using the Fiat 500e behind the wheel should be divided into two parts, and for this, it will be necessary to imagine myself at least 10 centimeters shorter than I am at the moment. is it because? basic.

From a height of 1.87 metres, I admit that the ergonomics of the Fiat 500e did not make me completely comfortable. Despite the nice, comfortable seats, the compact car’s height (1.52 metres) made it difficult to find a good driving position without compromising the rear space.

Space for passengers in the back seat is practically non-existent, especially for those traveling behind the driver (Photo: Paolo Amaral/Canaltic)

It was necessary to push almost the entire back of the seat and change the position of the backrest. This made the Fiat-designed car “2+2” – the driver + passenger in the front and two passengers in the rear, to become “1 + 2” – to lose this characteristic.

However, regardless of ergonomics, the Fiat 500e can be considered a pleasure. From the moment of entering the car, which is done without a key and, surprisingly, without a physical lock, it was replaced by an electronic latch button, the task of testing the 100% electrolytic capacitor from the Italian automaker was very interesting.

It’s agile and, like any electric car, delivers all of the engine’s 87 kW (118 hp) and 22.4 kg/m of torque instantly. As in our testing with the JAC E-JS1, few drivers of the bigger, more powerful cars were surprised (and returned) in every Fiat 500e fast race.

The driving experience in the range mode was much more enjoyable. The Fiat 500e can be controlled like a “real autorama”. With each step of the throttle, he developed the required speed, and to reduce it, he only had to raise his foot, without having to apply pressure on the brakes.

Driving in range mode allows the driver to control the vehicle using just the accelerator pedal (Photo: Paolo Amaral/Canaltec)

This kind of driving, in addition to being a lot of fun, made the Fiat 500e’s autonomy even greater. a report Canaltech It traveled nearly 200 km and used just over 40% of the battery, less than expected, given the normal drop of 320 km per charge.

“The Fiat 500e can be evaluated from two perspectives. In terms of technology and performance, it deserves top marks, but in terms of comfort and finish, it leaves something to be desired, and needs more attention.”

– Paulo Amaral

Design and finishing

The Fiat 500e has a distinctive design and is a “love it or leave it” type. Curvy lines and an unmistakable visual array, formed by the headlights, round LED mileage and daytime running lights (DRL) on the hood, similar to the eyebrows, give the compact car a very special “face”.

If the 500e on the outside is full of charm, it’s a little disappointing on the inside. Despite the fine finish of the seats, customized by repeatedly writing the Fiat branding along the entire length, the same whim was not applied to the dashboard.

The look of the Fiat 500e is so special, it’s impossible to go unnoticed (Photo: Paolo Amaral/Canaltec)

Made almost entirely of hard plastic, the panel and door liner give the clear impression that in the not too distant future they will begin to make unpleasant noises for such a high-end car.


There is no car that can be considered a direct competitor to the Fiat 500e. For example, the JAC E-JS1, which is a compact from the Chinese brand, is smaller in size, but can fit a competitor’s coil because it has almost the same autonomy.

“Cousin” by Stellantis, the Peugeot e-208 GT has a more sporty footprint, so it escapes a bit of a direct comparison with the Italian brand’s car.

The third option, which better suits the price and size range, is the electric Mini Cooper, but the model of the BMW-owned brand has a much lower range, about 234 kilometers per charge.

to rule

Now that we’ve listed our impressions after spending a week aboard the Fiat 500e, the question arises: is it worth spending nearly R$260,000 to get the 100% electric capacitor from the Italian brand?

In terms of technology, security and performance, there is no doubt. The money will be well spent and you will get an attractive car, with the best features and above all environmentally friendly.

The Fiat 500e is a good choice for someone who wants performance and technology… and isn’t tall or has a family (Photo: Paolo Amaral/Canaltec)

But for that price, there are other cars on the electric market that can be evaluated, and probably fit your profile better. Especially if your height is more than 1.80 meters, and you are married with children. For someone with a family, the Fiat 500e is unfortunately not the best option.

* Fiat 500e loaned to report Canaltech by Stylantis.

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