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Five days after billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter – the world’s richest person, with an estimated fortune of $219 billion (R$1.021 trillion), according to Forbes – the volume of suspicious posts on the social network has tripled. Consulting firm .Map, which specializes in intelligence in data analytics and media, analyzed around 1.4 million posts and noted an increase from 0.1% to 0.3% in the percentage of posts suspected of being fake accounts and bots. However, this move is not due to any change in the social network’s policies, but rather to users’ expectation that new rules will appear with Musk’s arrival.

According to the agency, this type of behavior tends to increase as the elections approach. Most of the posts noted are related to topics typically found in President Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) speech. According to the advisory, there has been an increase in attacks on the Federal Supreme Court (STF) – on issues such as amnesty for Federal Representative Daniel Silvera (PTB-RJ) – on political opponents and defending cases favorable to the right. The survey also noted similar behaviors in content related to the left, but to a lesser degree.

“In the election races, especially with the purchase of Twitter by Musk, we see an intensification of these profiles, for reasons we’ve seen before: criticism of the STF, attacks on Lula, aggressive approach, fake news and conspiracy theories,” explained Giovanna Masulo, CEO of Map.

According to the expert, the accounts that make the vast majority of these posts are either bots, or accounts that people use to transmit a specific topic on Twitter, the so-called “suspicious profiles”.

“They are bots or people who work with that goal, to publish a certain type of content. The bots tend to follow a certain pattern and people really use more formal language. In the case of posts by people, the content is released during business hours, and we know that marketing teams are hiring People to tweet about certain topics, but they are profiles without a picture or with pictures of animals, and they usually have “no, one follower, two or three,” Masulo explained.

musk factor

In addition to buying Twitter, Elon Musk took the company to a private company, that is, he is the only shareholder in the network, creating a certain “euphoria” in a group of users, because he understands that the rules of the social network will be less strict on posts.

However, Giovanna Masulo believes that there have not yet been any changes to Twitter’s control and algorithms, but the understanding that there will be greater flexibility has led to this explosion of new accounts and suspicious posts.

“The control has not changed yet, but there is euphoria, especially on the right, who think that this control will become more flexible. They are already preparing, so if the algorithm changes, they will determine a situation when there is a final change in the rules,” he said.

Although the company is 100% Musk, he will not have absolute control over what can or cannot be done on the social network, because Brazilian laws nullify the terms of use of any unilateral decision of the platform.

“Even if the company is privately owned, as it will be open to users and include Brazilian citizens, the law continues to apply, so regulations and any future laws override the terms of use and any decision made by the platform alone. Therefore, Twitter does not become a social network under Elon Musk’s absolute control. Laws It is still prevalent and applies to Twitter and other social networks,” says Luiz Augusto Dorso, attorney specializing in virtual crimes, professor of digital law at the FGV MBA and president of the National Cybercrime Commission of the Brazilian Crime Association. Lawyers (Abrakarim).

D’Urso also explains that Brazilian law will only stop the application if Elon Musk stops making Twitter available on national download platforms. “What should not happen. Therefore, in this case, it (the Twitter platform) is still subject to the laws and judicial rulings in Brazil. He also continues to be accused of actively combating fake news, preserving freedom of expression, excluding illegal content, etc.

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