BE National Conference. “We are not a football team that changes the coach when it loses”

“Loss is always lost. But we We are not a football teamwho changes the coach when he loses,” he says Renaissance Struggler, at the conclusion of the National Conference, Saturday, at the University of Lisbon.

Carlos Freitas came from Barcelos, and got up at five in the morning to come to the meeting of the Left Bloc. we think that “Political confrontation is always present‘, but he admits it with ‘the current political situation’ The internal opposition spoke louder than at other times.

After the legislative elections on January 30, a The left-wing bloc lost 14 deputies. decreased from 19 to five parliamentary seats, and Critical voices call for anticipation From the convention that elects the leadership of the party.

source of opposition To the direction of Catarina Martins says Renaissance that the “political confrontation” wasUndoubtedly ‘bigger than usual In meetings between the fighters of the bloc. speaking at a conference”illogicalWhere were they made?disproportionate attacks Affinity (BE an internal opposition movement)”.

This source helpsSeveral ‘moments In the speeches of activists where appeals were made sign agreementwho chooses a new direction. It is reported that the leadership of the left-wing bloc accused this movement of “The launch of the scavenger hunt gameAnd he played ‘in press tricks’.

But national trend From Left Block describes a different encounter. The Renaissance takes care “good discussion“It is one”Good match with affinity group“. In addition to, Refusal The confrontation in this conference was greater than in previous party meetings. “Not right‘, writes to Renaissance.

The perception of what happened in this national conference is different according to the fighter being asked. Patricia is also a grassroots activist who believes in this ‘Never heard of it’ that the militants Calling for early internal elections. However, he is talking about a group “minorityWithin the party, which explains the failure of the bloc’s leadership to respond to this request.

Came from Torres Novas, and I agree with the opinion The election results should not drive Catarina Martins out of command. Patricia speaks from the perspective of a “left” where the results is not necessary. He describes the strategy asWonderful“.and he doubts that the last legislative elections will be a sign of the party’s eventual demise.”I do not think so‘, he says in a confident tone to Renaissance.

Catarina Martins did not mention the internal divisions in the closing speech

Certainly the coordinator of the left-wing The issue of divisions did not arise In the closing speech. about us 20 minutes who used to speak to the entire lecture hall of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Catarina Martins devoted herself to speaking outside, not inside.

From climate change issues to the war in Ukraine, criticism of the Socialist Party and the way they are helping the far right, Words that did not mention the election results or the internal opposition.

Criticism of the Socialist Party and its position regarding the war in Ukraine

In front of the audience, Catarina Martins took the opportunity to set her sights on the government. Among the criticisms of the way in which she manages the general increase in prices, caused by the war, the leader of the bloc accuses the Socialist Party of “Feeding social discontent exploited by the far rightBy not solving the country’s problems.

B accuses the government of imposing

Catarina Martins speaks at the end of “Short arcs of contraceptive“He says that Antonio Costa is”Undo the timid refund of wages that he had to accept under this infraction“For refusing to follow up on salary increases according to the latest inflation indicators.

On the origin of these problems, the coordinator of the D’Esquerda bloc said He condemned “Russian imperialism” againWhich he considers to have no “excuse”. Katharina Martins says it has to be there”negotiated solution‘, with the departure of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, and the demilitarization of Ukraine.

“What we are saying is what Ukraine proposed in the early days of the war: the starting point for a lasting peace is Russian withdrawal and Ukraine’s military neutrality‘, shoots Katrina Martins.

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