A bodybuilder wouldn’t mind living less to beat Mr. Olympia – 04/30/2022

Lucas de Souza Lima, 24, picks up his heaviest dumbbells at the end of the support. He props up the bulk of his body in the bench press and starts pushing. The back and chest bulge, revealing the contours of the muscles and tendons. The bulging veins look like a hydrographic map of the Amazon Basin. The ribs can be counted from afar. Lucas Iron Pull is a dissection atlas.

He goes to the triceps machine with his back clear. It is a muscular wall. Too large, the impression is that the distance between the ear and the shoulder is twice that of the average person.

The training sheet states that the exercise will be repeated until the muscles fail. The Lucas is so strong that even with almost all the weight of the machine, it takes time. His face glows red. That’s when he rediscovered the familiar sensation of muscle burning. Welcome pain. The rise and fall only stops when the triceps is weak.

Carina Silva do Nascimento, 25, Do not let the device rest. Lucas’ wife also goes to the extremes of her power. A sign of impending triceps failure is groaning and shaking of the arms. In front of her, Lucas is looking at her with a blank face.

Kareena pulls the air so hard that her muscles respond by lifting a lot of weights

Photo: Duda Goleman/UOL

In the law of bodybuilding, giving up is not an option. She ends up exhausted. He moves his fingers as if to make sure he still maintains motor control over his body. Two students from Susanoo Neighborhood Academy (SP) watched with the corner of their eyes. They nodded, acknowledging the couple’s iron-drawing ability.

What the duo fails to see is that at that moment, Lucas and Karina renew their marriage vows. At the age of 18, Kareena liked the tough 17-year-old who appeared as a friend on Facebook. Haunt and ask for a friend.

Lucas agreed and the two talked all day. By the end of the afternoon, they had already crushed her and invited her to their first date: training together. The two were never separated again.

In their relationship, bodybuilding is an exercise in love and in which the project of the life of the spouses is laid: to make Lucas the hero of the master. Olympia, the world’s number one bodybuilding title. The award is presented at the Arnold Sports Festival, an event in São Paulo that will gather 85,000 gym enthusiasts between Friday and Sunday (April 29 to May 1).

Lucas Pose - Duda Gulman / UOL - Duda Gulman / UOL

Lucas standing in front of a cell phone. Sends pictures to the trainer to assess muscle development

Photo: Duda Goleman/UOL

last forces

The training above took place on Wednesday (27) and was the last training before Lucas participated in Arnold. I paid R$1600 for the competition. The tournament is also the finish line for the complex 13 weeks leading up to it.

During this period, he called before the competitionLucas introduced a spartan routine. Get up at 6 a.m. to do 50 minutes of brisk aerobic exercise. Next, send pictures to the trainer of the poses he will present to Arnold.

It is the technician who determines how many liters of water, carbohydrates, protein, salt and anabolic steroids will be taken in this period. The couple kitchen table has a scale and nothing goes inside the body without being weighed. After the meal, he takes medication to control gas.

Depending on the stage of training, a bodybuilder can eat four kilograms of food and drink 12 liters of water per day. The level of accuracy is so great that the trainer performed the mineral calculations for Lucas’ object based on the physical and chemical properties of the watermark. He cannot drink water from another brand or from the filter.

Lucas is not a hypocrite. It declares that the use of steroids is part of the prescription.

Lucas Limit - Duda Gulman / UOL - Duda Gulman / UOL

Lucas goes to extreme muscle in the last workout before Arnold’s post

Photo: Duda Goleman/UOL

Beyond the Boundaries

The grueling routine that prevailed last week, along with the hormone injections, has its consequences. He felt nauseous after training and had trouble sleeping. The mood changed and Karina backed down when her husband kicked her. Lucas knows he’s becoming a tough guy and says he actually punched the wall to vent his anger.

When asked if he was not afraid to endanger his health, he replied that he was ready for anything to be the master. Olympia. So I die sooner. “Sports go beyond the health point.”

The title represents a lot of money and fame, but the main reason is not financial. Karina says that four years ago, Lucas went to tear down a wall to build the bedroom of the couple’s 3-year-old daughter, Alice. With the first hammer, his back was injured. He recovered after undergoing physical therapy, and stopped training. The two years that her husband hung on were hard for her.

She sees sport as an ordeal. Surrender reveals a person who lacks willpower, commitment, and character. The agreement that the two of them had in the academy, since their first meeting, stipulated all of these requirements. Bodybuilding is the daily practice of this list. When Lucas stops, he is no longer the man Kareena fell in love with.

Hands in Hand - Duda Gulman / UOL - Duda Gulman / UOL

After spending the night on duty, nurse Karina goes straight to training with her husband

Photo: Duda Goleman/UOL

Seven days of anger

The week before the tournament is called the Loot. Kareena thought she was fresh until she debuted in 2021. Dubbed a “bag of bones” and “crickety” in high school, she started bodybuilding at age 15 to “get some meat.”

He never stopped and became an athlete in the bikini category. Karina does not hide that the choice involves “a lot of vanity.” “If you say you’re not, you’re lying. We feel like a big woman. If you look in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, I’m really cool.'”

Born in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, in greater São Paulo, Karina ran into problems once she entered her teens. He left home at the age of eighteen and the phrase “Deliver me from evil” was placed on his back, excerpts from the father. She has not spoken to her parents in two years.

Lucas is very close to the family and adores Anderson, the younger brother. Born and raised in Susano, he rarely left home because his mother feared he would be drawn into the drug trade. “Her fear was that I would turn into Noe thieves. There’s a really tough crowd here that likes to take some wrong stops.”

Kicks - Duda Gulman / UOL - Duda Gulman / UOL

Steroids and training make Lucas angry and Kareena retracts the insults.

Photo: Duda Goleman/UOL

Investing millions in muscle

Lucas’ school friends agreed to enroll in the academy. The 13-year-old sold a broken washing machine to pay the registration fee. Today he is a full time bodybuilder.

Karina juggles her training with her work as a nursing assistant. an employee in a company home careCaring for a bedridden woman. But the couple’s plans include a change in her career.

The position required is her husband’s businesswoman. Karina already gives instructions on what content to produce for social networks, monitors training and makes contact with sponsors. The couple’s agreement calls for Lucas to focus on training and eating.

Equipment maintenance requires a lot of money. Each week of the last 13 weeks of prep for Arnold costs R$1,000 in food. During this period, the bill for manipulated drugs and liver protection from anabolic steroids approaches R$10,000. A bottle of steroids costs R$400 and the amount used depends on Lucas’ muscle response. But it does go a lot.

Biceps - Duda Gulman / UOL - Duda Gulman / UOL

Lucas’ biceps are so big that he can’t bend his arm to take off his shirt

Photo: Duda Goleman/UOL

Fear of injury more than death

What keeps Lucas sleepless is a muscle tear. competitor category Classic Fitness That is, he strives for perfection. A bodybuilder needs an X-shaped body – a massive back, a thin waist and wide legs. Having muscle definition and coordination is also key.

When he steps up on stage, Lucas repeats the poses that have been rehearsed to emphasize the features of his body. The first step is to do what’s called a “vacuum” – breathe in lots of air, pull in your belly, and inflate your chest. The idea is that each pose shows symmetry and definition. But with a serious injury, a man thought to be the champion of genetics has no chance of meeting both demands. Your chances of being Mr. Olympia will be gone forever.

On Friday (29), the first day of competitions, Lucas dreamed that the latter would share him as an amateur. Taking the title, he is entitled to a professional card. The bodybuilder had no injury until yesterday, but he had a setback. Lucas fell ill and did not run. Kareena thinks there are problems with some of the material that has been tampered with. The husband is so frustrated that he does not want to talk about it.

dream of being mr. Olympia will require more effort. Lucas will have to put into practice the rhetoric that giving up is not an option.

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