″I was at Sporting and last year I felt I needed a family rest ″

Mariana Azevedo, 26-year-old defender Famalicao, points to the Portugal Cup win and says faith was the key to success.

Mariana Azevedo arrived and saw and confirmed her presence. The 26-year-old defender, born in Viana do Castelo, is in his second season at Famalicao and is emerging as one of the most important players in the squad led by Jorge Barcelos. The player admits that the Famalicense group made her feel at home from day one and that moving north was necessary. At Sporting, the Portugal international stood out and won the BPI League, the Super Cup and the Portuguese Cup. However, in Valadares Gaia she has shown herself as an outstanding player and has jumped to a great one. He prefers to dream in silence and let everything take its natural course. In the future, Mariana intends to continue to grow and increase her collection of cups.

Famalicao beat Amora (7-2) in both rounds and will be, for the first time, in the final of the Portuguese Cup, where they will face Sporting. What is the key to success?
– I think it was in order to believe in the work that this group develops daily and to think game by game. We are a young and happy group, we have tremendous quality and put that into the field.

Do you feel Sporting are the favorites to win the title at Jamor?
The clashes we had with Sporting were very balanced. I am sure it will be a great football show on May 8th at Estádio do Jamor. The goal is to win the cup. It’s a title we want and deserve this club.

How do you characterize the Famalicão season?
On a collective level, I think this group has the potential for more. Unfortunately, the truth is that football is not always fair. However, sealing his presence in the Portuguese Cup final is a well-deserved achievement for the entire club’s structure.

It’s Mariana’s second season with the Famalicão logo on her chest. What is your assessment of this season in the service of the club?
On a personal level, the balance is positive. One of the great goals I set was to be called up for the national team again and get as many minutes at the club as possible.

How did the Famalicão opportunity come about?
– I was at Sporting and last year I felt like I needed a family rest. Famalicão was a perfect opportunity. The adaptation was great and I got back to playing with people I consider friends, even outside the context of football. The group made me feel at home from day one.

Before moving to the north of the country, he spent three seasons at Alvalade with Sporting. How were those times?
– It was very positive for several reasons. I was in Valadares Gaia and incubated a new project. I got out of my comfort zone and slept a lot, both personally and professionally. Sporting is a club that knows how to greet and is very professional.

The usual question: How did this passion for football originate?
I do not remember exactly. But since I was young I loved playing football with my brothers and friends. It was my first team when I was 14 years old.

Who is your reference as a player?
I only have one reference. There are players that I admire a lot, but my reviewers are from men’s soccer. There is a lot.

In the field, what is your main characteristic?
I think the main quality on the field is to be very strong.

What are the biggest difficulties you have felt so far?
– I had two great moments. One was when I lost a major pillar of my life. The other was away from her family when they needed her the most and needed to feel so closely supported.

In the future what are the ambitions?
– Keep growing as a player and win more titles.

Does Mariana, being a professional soccer player, feel that she has to sacrifice and give up many things in her personal life?
-Yes, this is correct. But, on the other hand, we are special, because we can name “work” what we like to do the most.

What do you think of women’s football in Portugal in general and the BPI League in particular?
The development of women’s football is well known in our country. There are more and more pro clubs and I am sure the growth will continue to grow over time. In Liga BPI, there is a lot of competition and it is difficult to choose the best players. In this we see the quality of the league. But if you ask which team is the best, the answer is clear: Famalicão!

Do you feel that the Portuguese player is really more appreciated in the world of women’s football?
-absolutely yes. An example of this is the respect that our national team has earned, and this is due to the quality of the Portuguese player.

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