The daughter of the dedicated composer shines on the drums

In the era of virtual cancellation due to gas station purchases and samba no b shortages, community widows are increasingly on the rise.

As girls born and raised within the guild become their majesties, Victory is the largest outdoor folk party in the world, and there is a record of recognized affiliation, ancestry, and samba roots.

Juliana Souza (34), the current drum queen at União da Ilha do Governador, has arrived to form the community queens squad. The beautiful arrived at the Assembly in the womb of her mother, Dona Maria, who, along with her father, Marcio Andre, took her to court in samba disputes and events. Thus, Juliana took her first steps at the União da Ilha do Governador Samba School, where her father made history as president, carnival director and composer of the school’s select samba music:

“When I arrived at União da Ilha, I was 14, and that was in 1976. I started going to school on weekends with friends, I got involved in drumming, I was playing drums. Then I met some composers like Didi, Franco , and Aroldo Melodia, Edino Capita, Robertino Devagar, Orenio da Ilha, and finally all the composers attended the samba and terreros rings, and so I began composing with them and joined the composers’ suite, taking first place in the competition and so I walked into the school.”remembers Marcio Andre.

For Marcio André, the reign of his daughter Giuliana Souza is a source of pride, a continuation of the legacy he helped build with the association:

My daughter first entered the island court in her mother’s womb, as a child who learned samba at home, alone, without anyone’s help. When I looked at her I felt like she could be a great drum queen in school, but I never said that. I didn’t want to force her into anything. Time passed, I grew up. Since I was little, she has always been very attached to me and I didn’t want her to do things to please me, but out of love. It’s really love, our whole family is União da Ilha do Governador. I am a proud father, seeing my daughter married, working, taking care of the family and somehow continuing the roots of the school I am part of and helped build.”revealed the composer who was once the president of the association.

Like many queens of the community, Juliana Souza, since she set foot in União da Ilha, has never left the association and has gradually ascended to more relevant positions, such as being invited to the position of muse in 2015, strengthening the school’s beauties team.. Seven years later, by invitation From União da Ilha, Juliana assumed the position of Queen of Drums:

“My love and respect for União da Ilha comes from a cradle, my parents taught me to love this land. I feel an emotion every time I go into school, and a movie happens in my head. I saw beautiful women ruling, I was inspired by many and today I realize a dream is to step to the front of the drums To represent all the girls in the community who, like me, also dream of being here one day. My father planted a seed that bore fruit.”He reveals the new majesty.

The unconditional passion for União da Ilha do Governador not only influenced Juliana, but her siblings also followed in their father’s footsteps. Biomedical doctor Mariana Merhi, the Queen’s older sister, has participated in the association for years, but had to leave due to maternity, studies and the plastic clinic she heads:

“Since 2015 I no longer march in parades. It was very difficult for me to reconcile biomedicine, children, studies and carnival. But every year there is a longing and a catch in the heart. It is not just a samba school, it is our life, it is our childhood we run around the stadium, We have lunch with our dad in the shed, we sleep on the court benches while picking samba. This will never die inside of us, physical distance doesn’t erase, and even now that I have a queen sister, I feel more like an actress. Not just because she’s my sister, but because she’s really a child There and always has been União da Ilha.”Mariana Merhi said.

Juliana’s younger brother, businessman, actor and composer Marcio André Filho, also known as Anddrē, follows in his father’s footsteps, also works as a composer and stands out as one of the best of the new generation. At the age of 30, he has already composed more than 60 samba-enredos champions on the Rio São Paulo hub and for Onão da Ilha he has already won seven samba, including this year:

“The island union is my first and second home, I have friends, family, dreams I built and dreams I want to achieve inside school.

União da Ilha was the school that gave me the opportunity to experience what carnival really is, to introduce myself to the samba world, at União I got my first samba-enredo, I had the chance to experience the carnival. I had unique experiences and matured and learned to be who I am today In the world of carnival, I still have a lot to learn. I thank my father for being the beginning of it all and I thank everyone at school for welcoming us even today with such affection and respect. We are a real family and I don’t see myself far from here. União da Ilha is part of my past, present and future. “, Marcio André Filho announced.

It’s still too early to say goodbye, Juliana will still be reigning for a few years at Patrilla’s head, but since everything has a beginning, middle and end, the beauty that puts her name in the history of the association ensures that it’s not a position that will leave her far away. About Al Jazeera Federation:

“I was always here before I became the Drum Queen. Nothing has changed and nothing will change, no matter what rank. I want to be healthy enough to one day be part of the old school guard.”His Majesty revealed.

And if it depends on the future generations of the Queen’s family, then everything indicates that the island will hit the head:

“My daughter Giovanna is only 17. But she has always accompanied her grandfather and uncle composing the samba and my trips to court. She has already talked about the show, but she has never expressed her desire to be the queen of drums. I am glad she wants to be together, to care the history of school and to live the same love with me”Juliana reveals.

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