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On April 18, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez faced the biggest pain a parent could ever experience: the death of a child. Prepared to welcome twins into their home, the couple returned home with only one child—the girl—and a void they would never fill again. The boy couldn’t resist.

With more than 400 million people following the player on Instagram and the rest following his work, the Portuguese insisted on finding strength where he believed he was no longer there, and in a document also signed by his companion, he announced via social media the loss of one of her boys. The world is moving and uniting. Join Ronaldo in tears, even more than pitching.

At a time when we seem to be living in a constant “big brother” and with the eyes of millions on him, Ronaldo has achieved the almost unimaginable: Save yourself in pain and save your family. In other words, about what really happened on the fateful eighteenth and in the days that followed, little or nothing is known. There are no details on Georgina’s birth, let alone what went wrong so that none of the children survived. Maderan was photographed the day he returned to training, inside one of his cars, but was never seen again without being in the field or by the only photo he shared on social media with his newest family member: the newborn. Georgina turns to the grief of a mother who has lost her child and in the hope that the other children will spare her. But who has been there all this time? Who was the man’s right hand man? And the team leader? How did you say goodbye to a child who could not survive? The loose ends that a footballer never misses to defend the ones he loves the most…as you always do.

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We would like to thank the doctors and nurses for all the care and support provided. “In the statement of the couple who reported the death of one of the children, there was a special thank you to the entire medical team who followed up and did everything for them to have both boys in your arms. Unfortunately, they don’t. The reasons will only be known by health professionals Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. But what medical team was this? Where did the birth occur? Another riddle – not even the aggressive British press could answer it.

The CR7 family was torn apart while they waited for the news and suddenly faced something they didn’t expect to hear. This was followed by messages of condolence. Dolores Aveiro, Katia, and Elma publicly expressed their pain. Everyone was waiting for the “Warrior Mother” to fly to Manchester, but as far as is known, Dolores was advised to stay in Madeira, as she continued to share photos throughout the days, against the backdrop of her island.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his surviving daughter

International newspapers reported that Georgina’s sister, Ivana, was always on her side: from the tragic moment in the hospital to the first days at home. Until the moment we publish this text, nothing is known about the model’s sister, who “disappeared” from social media. Only his companion, Carlos Garcia, broke the silence. “Our pain at the loss of our nephew becomes love and hope for our niece’s birth!” , shared the plastic artist, who said he is focusing on “maximum support for parents Cristiano and Georgina.” and nephews Christianino, Eva, Matteo and Alana Martina. Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend reacted with a heart to the post on social networks.

The last goodbye in secret

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo’s alleged son did not survive the birth means that there must be a funeral service to say goodbye to the child. Until today, no one has ever known what happened or what will happen until the Portuguese ace’s son rests in peace.

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After scoring his 100th goal for Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo gifted the goal to his son. The player returned to the field on Saturday, April 23.

“Our little angel is already at his father’s lap,” wrote Katia Aveiro on the day they received the fateful news, If it makes sense to many that Cristiano Ronaldo literally wants his son next to his father – in Madeira – the truth is that Georgina may also want the boy to be closer to her or want another outcome of this sad episode in their lives. In short: another mystery hidden from the world.

One thing is true: The ace insists on immortalizing the soul of his child. Maderan dedicated his 100th goal to his son. He scored, looked up at the sky and pointed toward his new little star. The tag didn’t give him the win over Manchester, but it did allow for a special dedication at another important moment in his career, similar to the gesture he made after his father’s death in 2005.

History repeats… and secrets remain

Children are the biggest priority in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life, but also one of his biggest mysteries. Alana Martina is the only biological child of the Manchester United player and Spaniard.

Let’s go back to 2010. On June 17, Cristiano’s first child was born.He is currently 11 years old. He was born in San Diego, California, USA and nothing is known about the boy’s pregnancy. The eldest son of Cristiano Ronaldo is only the son of Maderan and the result of a surrogate.

Dolores went to pick up her grandson from the US – it wasn’t until years later – that she was the first person to take him into custody. Weeks later, the kid was vacationing in the Algarve with his father and the entire Aveiro clan.

This is how Christianino’s vacations go away from his father, in Madeira

The “Warrior Mother” also played Cristianinho’s mother and for this reason she did not hide the special bond she had with her grandson who, whenever she could, traveled to Portugal for a few days with her grandmother. He was the first person to hold the child, brought him to Portugal and did not hesitate to leave Madeira for Madrid, where he lived next door to the CR7, in the condominium of La Finca, to raise his grandson with a son. On the young man’s tenth birthday he made a beautiful declaration of love. “Only God knows the extra strength my grandson brings to me, and only God knows why he entered my life, and every day I find signs that he was destined for us before he was born. It has been ten years since then that I first caught you, I still cry weakly with my eyes almost closed You took me in my arms and gave my life a new meaning.”

When talking about her grandson, Dolores does not contain her emotions and often gives in to tears. “He’s special…a very special boy, really. I ended up being a mother and a grandmother at the same time.”

The same procedure was used for Cristiano Ronaldo to hold in his arms twins Eva and Matteo, who were born in 2017. It is claimed that they will get the eggs from the same mother as their older brother, and according to the “Daily Star”, “The twins were born at the same time as Christianino’s pregnancy, and their fetuses are waiting for the appropriate date for insemination in the surrogate.”. But all of these are just theories. The certainty is that Georgina Rodriguez was actually raised by Georgina Rodriguez who looks up to the Spaniard like their mother. The birth took place at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, the same hospital unit where the Maderan player’s first child was born.

Cristiano Ronaldo, twins

These are the best kept secrets of the Aveiro clan that do their best to preserve the privacy and security of Cristiano Ronaldo’s heirs… to which a little angel in heaven has been added.

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