Rogue Lords is now available for Xbox

Rogue Lords , the roguelike game in which you cheat using the game interface, is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S! It was first released on PC last year, and we’re very excited about its Xbox release, the next big step in our adventure. We hope you will have a great time playing as Satan and leading the forces of evil to victory.

Play as a demon and take control of iconic evil geniuses

Years after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of demon hunters, Satan returns to the lands of men to re-establish his control over humans and take revenge on him. Still weak, he surrounds himself with nine evil geniuses like Dracula, the headless knight, the White Lady and Baron Samidi, and sets out in search of the legendary artifact that will allow him to regain his former strength.

As the Prince of Hell, each round you control a team of three characters with unique abilities, develop synergies between them and lead them in ruthless turn-based combat against any humans who dare to block your path. Unlike the disciples, Satan does not have a physical incarnation: we have decided not to give it a definite form so that everyone is free to imagine it as he pleases.

Abandoned lords

Use the game interface to cheat

Nothing will stop you, especially since there are no rules these human idiots follow! In exchange for some of your life force, you can manipulate the health metrics of your disciples and opponents, steal positive stats from your enemies, open doors on the map, force Libra to tip the scales in your favour during interactive events, and much more. All this will allow you to take down the situation at a critical point during the run!

when we make Rogue Lords We wanted to make sure that Devil’s gameplay wasn’t just fun, but character-specific, and the cheat was perfect for such a super manipulator. This is also why losing the race means nothing to him: he refuses to accept defeat and alters reality by restarting the story until he is satisfied.

Let evil reign over the new world

His goal is to regain his power and crush two factions of enemies: the demon hunters, who once expelled him from Earth, and the Sanctua Lumen, a new sect that has gained huge influence during his absence and ruthlessly hunts down all who serve him. . By completing the events taking place on your path, you can increase the terror gauge in the area, sign treaties with humans, collect lives that you can exchange for upgrades for your disciples… Reduce the terror before you once again.

Rogue LordsNow available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, and you can buy it via Microsoft Store for every 112.45 Brazilian Real.

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