PSD accuses PS of being the “father of austerity”, Madina speaks on a journey into the past

Democratic Socialist Representative Joaquim Miranda Sarmiento on Friday accused the Socialist Party of being the “father of austerity,” referring to 2010 and 2011, with Finance Minister Fernando Medina, citing the PSD’s inability to discuss 2022.

On the second and final morning of the discussion on the government’s proposal for the state budget for 2022, the university professor in charge of the economics and finance chapters of the electoral program of the PSD, Joaquim Miranda Sarmiento, launched a violent attack on the line. Followed by the second executive, led by Jose Socrates, between 2010 and 2011.

Joaquim Miranda Sarmiento noted that at that time, Fernando Medina, the current Minister of Finance, was at that time the Secretary of State to José Socrates, and the current Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, was the second in the Socialist Party.

“First, in May 2010 there was a PEC II (Stability and Convergence Program) with an increase in VAT and IRS and a significant reduction in family allowances; with PEC III, in October 2010, it increased by two points. The normal rate, he added, Value Added Tax VAT has increased and reduced civil servant salaries between 3.5 and 10%.

Finally, in March 2011, “with the famous PEC IV”, which failed in Parliament and led to the downfall of CEO José Socrates, the PS government wanted “a reduction in pensions between 3.5 and 10%, with an increase in the IRS.”

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