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Constant exposure to computers online also increases the risk of malware attacks, whether through potentially harmful websites or emails that attempt to deceive users with phishing campaigns.

There are many antivirus solutions, starting with Windows Defender itself, where you can specify parameters related to the firewall, in different profiles of the operating system. Here you can set the rules for blocking potentially harmful programs or links.

If you fear potential attacks that could put important documents or files on your PC at risk, there are other features of Windows 10 and Windows 11 that you can activate to ensure greater security. And it’s very simple, just activate it for warranty and protection.

Discover the four features you can enable to increase security:

1 – Enable ransomware protection

It’s as simple as flipping a switch: Search Windows for “ransomware protection” and you’ll find a box with the option off by default. By activating this feature, files, folders, and areas of your computer’s memory are now protected from unauthorized changes by unknown applications.

Another advantage of activating this option is that the system allows you to restore data in the event of a ransomware attack, so you will have to configure OneDrive (cloud storage) to backup files.

2 – Encrypt files with Bitlocker

Again, search Windows for “BitLocker Drive Encryption” to access the configuration window. This option helps protect files and folders from unauthorized access to computer drives using BitLocker. And you can also configure a flash drive, so you have a protected mobile unit.

What the app does is encrypt the files, and associate them with your Microsoft account, in sync with your computer’s TPM chip. In this case, a recovery key is generated that can be used from the Windows Restore screen. Note that this option is only available on Pro versions of Windows 10 and 11.

3 – Try files and applications in a sandbox environment

The sandbox option, recently introduced by Microsoft, allows you to run a virtual machine on your PC. It is similar to Windows, but without actually affecting your operating system, should any application or file become infected with malware.

To activate this option, you have to search for “Windows Features” and turn on the Windows Sandbox option in the list. After activation, you must restart your computer, which will allow you to test applications whose security you have doubts. It should be noted that installing applications is not permanent, so if you want to keep it for later, you will have to install it on the “real” Windows.

4 – Configure privacy options

You can enable or disable features related to users’ privacy, related to ads, for example. You can disable Windows permissions to improve search results, for example, or about suggested contents in the Settings app.

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