Girls take advantage of the Brazilian U-17 Championship final

Clarinha scores the winning goal at Villa Belmirotake photo: Rebecca Reese / Woman Photo Crew / CPV

A massive victory in Villa Belmiro! at Colorados girls beat Santos 1-0, Thursday evening (04/28), in the first leg of the Brazil U-17 final. Clarineha scored her sixth goal in the competition and earned the advantage of Clube do Povo. The return match, which will decide the cup, is scheduled for next Sunday (05/01) at 11 am in Cesk. Click here to confirm your presence in the game for free!

Connected since the start whistle, the girls scored a historic goal at home from Santos. In 14 seconds, Inter knocked zero off the scoreboard after Clarinha pressured Seria out of play, disarming Marzia Coutinho, invading the penalty area, and facing goalkeeper Risa, he finished without any chance to defend. For the sixth time in the competition, the shirt shook 11 opponents’ nets and tied Alice as the tournament’s top scorer. Lightning feature in the village!

Sereias da Vila, despite the support of their fans, felt the blow with their defense dropping early. On the other hand, the girls, owners of the match until the 20th minute, continued to create chances after Clarinha’s goal. The scorer herself, in a new intervention in the field of attack, almost scored the second goal, but was blocked by the opponent’s defense. Pershon, who took a free kick across the right midfield, also passed close to wide, as did Priscilla, who was also blocked by the defense.

The 11 shirt adds six goals in the Brazilian Under 17 /Pictures: Rebecca Reese / Woman Photo Crew / CPV

The host team received important reinforcements for Thursday’s match. The South American U-20 champions were named with the selection, along with Piazinha Coloradas, Melininha, Gabi Barbieri, midfielder J Fernandez and striker Annaluisa as key players through Sandra dos Santos technique. The duo’s level grew in the final stretch of the first half, leading Sirius to attack, leaving the game completely indigestible for Inter.

At 25, Ji escaped through the attacking right wing and through a low ball. Seriously, Carla cut off help. Soon, in her 30s, 11 Julia had two chances down the left lane. The first, which ended with a curve, removed the paint from Bianca’s job. The second, which ended without a corner, crossed the entire length of the colored area, but went out to the side.

Active up front, Santos almost paid a heavy price for his attacking position in the 36th minute. In this minute, the first of the three were added to the first stage, Priscilla and Alice made a great table on the right, enough to dominate the Sao Paulo area. However, in the final touch, it was passed to her female partner in the middle. The siren’s response reached 37, when Bianca saved Isa Viana’s dangerous kick. The break came.

Bianca is unbeatable in the Brazilian U-17 Leaguetake photo: Rebecca Reese / Woman Photo Crew / CPV

The rhythm of the first-half overtime exchange prevailed during most of the final stage. The first chance was for the sirens, who frightened Fernandez with a header and Bianca certainly defended. In the next minute, the host team almost scored, but escaped thanks to a cut over the line by defender Mazzotti, receiving the second goal.

Fighting in front, attacking Alice, who was disturbing the local defense, was forced to leave the field at 11, having been injured after being hit by a strong blow. In her place, entered Bruna Wenk, who boosted the colorist’s pressure. Later, David da Silva invited Teté to the game. The athlete, who replaced the Clarinha, gave more power to the right-hand runner, and was almost a waitress for Perchon, who kicked dangerously, but far, at 28.

Pershon was carrying the captain’s insignia/take photo: Rebecca Reese / Woman Photo Crew / CPV

While Santos’ powerful aerial ball failed Bianca’s consistency, Priscilla’s speed managed to intimidate the opponent’s defense in the final minutes of the match. Aware of the opposing goalkeeper’s mistrust of playing with her feet, the striker, who is part of Gurias’ professional side, kept Inter energized when the opponent’s ball went out, and almost repeated Clarinha to score after a 35-minute tackle. He walked out masked, ending the last dangerous step of the night.

So far, the girls have won six of the six matches played by the Brazilian Sub-17. With 22 goals scored and no nets conceded, the Colorada side are enjoying a draw in the second leg. Triunfo das Sereias with the minimum difference, regardless of the result, will decide on penalties, while other results are of interest to the São Paulo team. Let’s go find the Grail, warriors!

Draw Inter’s interests in the fight for the trophytake photo: Rebecca Reese / Woman Photo Crew / CPV

data sheet:

Universal (1): Bianca. Joanna (Friedrich), Gotha, Carla and Erica Gomez; Mika (Carol), Danny Teixeira and Perchon; Clarinha (Titi), Alice (Bruna Wink), and Priscilla. Coach: David da Silva.

Goal: Clarinha, at 14″/1ºT (I).

yellow cards: Joan (me).

controller: Mariana Nani Batalha, assisted by Alberto Macera and Robson Oliveira. Fourth official: Jose Almeida and Sousa.

Playground: Villa Belmero SP.


Pictures: Rebecca Reese / Woman Photo Crew / CPV

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