Paramount Series Researches Human Changes Over Four Decades – 4/27/2022

How do you make a remake of two classics, The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Teves, and the 1976 film of the same name directed by Nicholas Rouge and starring David Bowie? For Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, the answer was simple: Don’t remake it, but take it one step further. The result is The Man Who Fell on Earth, which has already shown its first ten episodes on Paramount+.

“It was important for us to reinterpret the ideas of the book, and they are timeless ideas,” Kurtzman said at a TV Critics Association press event. “For example, how did we get here and what choices are we going to make from now on, or what it means to be human.”

The man who fell to the ground respects the time that has passed. The series takes place about 45 years after the events depicted in The Man Who Fell to Earth, when an alien in the form of David Bowie and Thomas Jerome Newton comes to our planet to try to save his much-needed life. from water.

Now, who comes to Earth is Faraday (Chiwetel Ejiofor), with the same mission to save Anthea, he took the water from our planet there. Like Newton in the film, Faraday meets Justin, played by actress Naomi Harris. She was unable to pursue a brilliant career ahead of her and take care of her father and daughter, who work in a factory that processes toxic materials.

different paper

Therefore, Ejiofor plays a different role from David Bowie, but his function is the same, in principle. “You can only live in your own space, there’s no way to think of who did that before,” he said in an interview with Estadão sharing via video.

“And we all feel like aliens sometimes, even if it’s the first day of school. I drew my own story, with my parents coming from Nigeria to live in the UK, what kind of feelings that evoked in me and how I dealt with it, to create the way Faraday interacts with This new space, first with its weirdness, and then how humanity begins to affect it.” Justin’s family plays an integral role in his discovery of human beauty.

But there are pains too. Proof of this is Thomas Jerome Newton, who, yes, still exists now, is played by Bill Nighy. “We needed one legend to replace another,” Kurtzman recalls. Negi, modest, said he was honored by his choice. He said in a virtual round table with participation stadium. “I met him several times, and in order not to be paralyzed from playing the same role, I clung to hope that he would approve of me. I thought: We are both from south London, he is from Bromley, and I am from Croydon. I wish he would smile at me from above.”

Blacks in the scene

The choice of two black actors to play Faraday and Justin was not random, even if the issue of racism was not of paramount importance in the series. “But I say with conviction that black women are the most vulnerable population on the planet,” Lumet noted.

At the same time, being of Polish-Jewish descent on her father’s side (director Sidney Lumet) and black, European and Indigenous on her mother’s side (writer Jill Buckley, daughter of singer Lena Horne), the producer hopes to be able to have more people of color on his team, “Until it becomes something so common that it doesn’t have to be noticed.”

The 45-year time travel promoted in The Man Who Fell on Earth shows that our behavior has not changed since then. “You’ll always have bullies fighting their way to the top, manipulating entire communities for personal gain,” Negi recalls. “There were gangs in the Middle Ages and today too. Technology, which was supposed to unite us, has torn us apart more than ever. Bad things haven’t changed, but good things haven’t changed either. There are still millions of people whose basic instincts are decent and supportive. “.

For Ejiofor, The Man Who Fell Is All About That. “The series is about what makes humanity special and unique and how grateful we are for the planet that has given us. We see it through the eyes of a Faraday alien.”

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