LEGO opens the doors to the best in the Star Wars era

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga It debuted in April as the most ambitious proposal based on George Lucas’ world of video games. The game isn’t perfect — stay away from it, but it does show that developer TT Games has received the go-ahead from conservative Disney for a humorous adaptation of the franchise’s nine major films.

The Skywalker Saga fulfills the mission of telling a 45-year story, revisiting scripts and even satirizing, in many moments, the Star Wars plot. The mania of characters and transformations familiar to the series has been made relativistic as a parody licensed by Disney, with Mickey’s company signed on to the project along with publisher Warner Games.

That freedom in the adaptation process comes as a great sign of the galactic gaming season so far, so far away. In late 2020, Disney revived the Lucasfilm Games brand and began licensing star Wars For as many game studios as possible.

EA publisher Respawn is working on a sequel to Serious: Fallen OrderPlus, Star Wars shooter. Quantique Dream by Detroit: Be HumanAdvertise the project Star Wars Eclipse. Skydance New Media is developing an adventure game set in the universe. Ubisoft Massive, from Tom Clancy’s The Divisionworks on an open world game about the Jedi.

We will still have the free to play project, Star Wars Hunters, and Aspyr Media’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake of Civilization VI, among others. The wave of projects was born out of internal change at Disney, which began to see the toy market as an essential part of the process.

Star Wars is back in video games

This was not always the case. seasoned fans star Wars You should be surprised by the number of games in the franchise. In 2012, when Disney bought Lucasfilm, one of the company’s first decisions was to close the game’s licensing arm LucasArts and cancel a number of Star Wars projects that were in development, many promising in the FPS name. 1313.

At the time, the action was interpreted as a reticent message from the company, which didn’t know how to invest in games and wasn’t willing to give up absolute control of its franchises in a strict licensing strategy.

Instead of Lucasfilm Games, Disney has invested in an exclusive deal with EA, which has produced games like the series. Star Wars: Battlefront And Serious: Fallen Order This second title, suffers a lot of corporate penalties. Disney prevented dismemberment from being a part of the adventure and even implied that the word Jedi and the movie concepts were made into the game. In short, developers often mention in interviews that they had to fight hard to run the game they wanted. Which is a good thing they fought.

Serious: Fallen Order Not only is it amazing, it has sold more than 10 million copies. The game’s results, along with increased revenue from the video game market (which far outstripped those of cinema), led to a lightbulb in Disney’s head. Currently, video games are in Disney’s crosshairs.

In an interview with Forbes Brasil, Yonatan Politi, Vice President of Consumer, Publications and Games at Disney, stated that the company sees an opportunity to expand into the gaming world in the coming years:

“Once again, with consumer first, we want to expand our presence at events focused on the player audience and develop new products for the player’s lifestyle. And because this gaming space is so inclusive, with an ever-growing presence of women, product development spans a very wide range of product categories. subsidiary and franchises to satisfy each consumer’s interest.”

The future of Star Wars in gaming

Dawn of a new age for star Wars In games there can be no better starting point than Skywalker saga. The first major project to debut after the Lucasfilm Games revival actually shows Disney willing to give freedom to adapt the games.

If, on the one hand, the game fails to balance the linear gameplay with a large amount of collectibles, breaking the rhythm of the gameplay, on the other hand, the plot adaptation is amazing. Critical review of history star Wars TT Games makes it the best way to review the series’ movies today.

It’s impossible not to laugh at the sloppy way in which the game adapts some scenes, like the appearance of Darth Vader, who mocks arrogance and stupidity, or the reckless feeling of a Jedi. It’s strange how Jedi philosophy, one of the most sacred parts of star Wars, in the game. Knights like Qui-Gon, representing a Jedi who is very hopeful that everything will work out, exhibits a “kamikaze good vibes” demeanor.

The new LEGO Star Wars is a licensed Disney parody (Image: Warner Games Publications/Games)

The adventure is great and seems limitless. Skywalker saga He has the largest list of characters in star Wars Ever in a franchise-based game, with the freedom to play with every corner of the sprawling galaxy. A decision that once again proved to be the right one.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga It sold 3.2 million units globally in its first two weeks and topped sales records across all platforms, regions and versions as the best-selling LEGO game in history.

If Disney decides to go ahead with the obvious freedom TT Games have afforded Skywalker saga And to be less than the conservative company that limited the development of Serious: Fallen OrderNot only will we have so many games star Wars In the coming years, but we may also see the franchise improve in video games more than it is on the big screen.

With information from: Forbes Brazil

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