Football is a bridge in the formation of citizens

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With the aim of changing the reality of children and youth of Alto do Pereirinha, in the neighborhood of Água Fria, northern region of Recife, Escolinha Pereirinha Futebol Clube was established in 2009. Currently, 150 families benefit from the work of the Foundation, which develops activities football, capoeira, promoting schools and connecting Basic food baskets. Even with all the efforts made to implement the project, the organization is going through a delicate financial phase and stresses the need for people to donate to continue serving its audience.

The school’s founder and coach, Elias Marquez, says the school’s name refers to the soccer team, the Perrinha Futebol Club, which worked at the same place from 1978 to 1990. “On a Sunday, in 2009, kids were playing and talking in the community. The street, I listened and realized that the conversation had nothing to do with football or their age. I was amazed when I realized that the place where I was born has changed for the worse, become violent and a high rate of drug trafficking.” Elias told the boys that there was a team called the Perrinha and that it would be possible to revitalize it as a junior school. “On the appointed day, there were 46 boys waiting to play soccer, and there was no ball or material. I went to speak with the ex-president of Clube Pereirinha and asked for materials from the toys that had been stored on loan, and then when I went to deliver them, he said we could stay” .

Football has proven to be a great ally for the good school performance of the children and youth enrolled in the school. Good grades and annual approval have become requirements for participation in the school. “We noticed that over time the boys who participated in the project, started to study more, because we said that being able to participate in the football school, only those who were studying and going through the year, was an incentive. There was a boy who did not study, but that was because his mother lacked To the watch, for example. So, we started to find a reinforcement job for my wife, who is a teacher. Our goal is to train citizens, not football for football. It is football used as a tool to train citizens. This is our main goal, “confirmed by the founder entity.

In addition to football and tutoring, the institution also offers capoeira lessons and distributes basic food baskets to families in the area being served. A recent initiative by the organization is a partnership with Petrobras and the União BR project, which has made it possible to donate a gas cylinder every two months to people. “We donate basic food baskets, once a month, to 150 families. But at the moment we cannot meet this number, we practically depend on the donation. There are months when we offer 30 baskets, because it depends on what we get. We go to the homes of the residents to find out who are the most difficult, unfortunately, since we cannot meet everyone’s needs, we help those who are in the most dangerous situations. The school technician said the gas cylinder donation would be for one year, and there are six cylinders through 2022. That would be good, because the money they used to buy gas could be used for something else.

The onset of the pandemic was the period when there was more donations than people supporting the actions. However, in this period, contributions are practically zero, which is an obstacle to the continuation of business. “We participate in competitions, we are a football team from the lowlands. Despite the difficulty, we continue to fight, because we lack the resources at the moment. The big difficulty we face is to raise money for competitions and materials for the training school and games, such as shoes and jackets. Games have costs. , Arbitration, Transfer”, detailed Elias.

“Some children and young people went to the project hungry, but with joy, as if they had everything in life. With the ball, it was a moment of celebration. Many of them ate breakfast only after training, that is, they came to school only for breakfast later, with The kids who fainted. That’s why we now have a snack before the game. They have a completely different reality than ours. The important thing is to help so that we can help,” the founder said of the difficulties the young people are facing.

People interested in donating food baskets and materials to train children and teens can contact the school, by phone (81) 98810-0010 or through the project’s social network on Instagram, pereirinhafc. To collaborate on values, it happens through data: Caixa Econômica Federal; Agency: 0048; Calculation: 17368-5; Operation: 013 (savings); CNPJ: 12,586,772/0001-36 or by Pix: 12,586,772/000-36.

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