Elemental War 2 arrives May 6 on Xbox and PC

The guys from the independent studio Clockwork Origins have released some great and fun information about their new RPG called War of the Elements 2.

This project that emerged in university time, was revisited and finally released as a standalone game in 2019. War of the Elements (Available for Xbox One and Windows 10). During this time, the company continued to modify the mechanics of the game and explore new graphic possibilities. Result after several years of work War of the Elements 2.

You can buy the game directly from Microsoft Store For 71.26 Brazilian Real. The title will be released on May 6th to X-Box One, Xbox Series X | S. And PRAÇA!

Check out the game description in Sebastian’s words!

War of the Elements 2 It offers the popular feel of tower defense along with innovative game mechanics. So if you like TD Origins TD . element or defense network You have come to the right place! Round after round, hordes of monsters stream from a portal into our dimension – and only you can stop them. Among the waves of enemies appear especially powerful opponents with special abilities, the so-called basic elements. By defeating them, you unlock items that allow you to build new and stronger defense towers.

It is important to us that there is so much to experience and so much to discover. War of the Elements 2 It offers dozens of hours of gameplay to develop and customize defense strategies, discover all the secrets of the game world, and much more.

  • RPG Elements: Solve various quests to unlock items to improve your lines of defense
  • Exciting boss battles: surprise each enemy boss with their own abilities
  • HUGE RANGE Play 11 challenging maps in three unique locations: jungle, snow and desert.
  • Three levels of difficulty: take on new challenges as the difficulty increases
  • Co-op mode: play with a friend against the game
  • Global Leaderboard: Compete with other players around the world

We’ve spent countless hours testing and fine-tuning ourselves and can proudly say that we’ve delivered exactly the tower defense game we’ve always envisioned. Check it out and be part of a growing community – maybe we’ll see you on the leaderboards on May 6th! It’s also available for pre-order today!

Game Description

Elemental War 2 takes you into a threatened world: hordes of monsters suddenly emerge from the pits of Hell from a faulty summoned portal. Will you be able to build a defensive line of defense towers against the forces of evil in time? Elemental War 2 offers a popular feel of tower defense along with innovative game mechanics: as soon as you defeat an element – a particularly powerful enemy that will demand everything from you – you will receive your element stone, which you can use to build new defense towers. As you keep collecting items, you will always have new levels and tower combinations at your disposal. Only if you skillfully combine different towers and use their advantages will you be able to face hordes of monsters. Through in-game side quests, you can also unlock items that enhance the abilities of your turrets or decisively weaken your opponents at just the right moment! Elemental War 2 offers dozens of hours of gameplay to develop strategies, complete all missions, and discover all the secrets of the game world. Handcrafted maps always provide diverse gameplay and new challenges!

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