Disgusted by the comment, the Queen of Snipers invites Jan Willis to shoot at Schützenfest

One mail Former Federal Deputy Jane Willis regarding Schutzenfest, On Twitter this week, caused insurgency cross scan Southern Jaragua.

And to resonate with Welles’ biased publication, OCP sought out sniper queen Confederation of Shooting Clubs and Societies of Valle do Itapoco (ACSTVI) Enoria Reinkeone of the main representatives of the city’s biggest cultural event, the Schützenfest.

Unaware of the German festival and culture that his descendants kept for decades, Willis Criticize The traditional Festa dos Atiradores de Jaraguá do Sul Posted on Twitter a poster From the 32nd edition of Schützenfest it is stated that it will be based on “The Aesthetics of Nazi German Propaganda”.

The former parliamentarian then said that the “Sniper Party” would be held “in an area of ​​Brazil where many German Nazis fled to avoid paying for their crimes”.

Ináurea says she was horrified when she came across the reports and results of the post that Willys had posted on social networks. For her, the comments made by the former parliamentarian were politically motivated.

Photo: Fábio Junkes/OCP News

“I was appalled by the cruelty with which he treated our traditions, the Schutzen Festival, our people, our culture. He didn’t know our traditions, he wasn’t able to talk about them. I think these unfortunate comments were policies driven,” he points out.

The shooting queen says the MP might not understand that the city has the largest shooting party in the country and also has one of the lowest crime rates. It highlights the fact that Jaragua do Sul is one of the quietest cities in Brazil.

“To understand this, I suggest that he go back to Brazil, November 10-20, and come to honor our Schützenfest. He can come here to learn a little about our traditions, our gastronomy, our traditions to let loose a bit and be a little more excited.” I would be happy to invite him to practice shooting and show him that our guns don’t kill, and our guns are used in a sport we love,” he highlights.

Watch the message left by the Queen of Archers, Ináurea Reinke, to Jean Willlys:

shooter since adolescence

At the age of 41, Enauria Rinke began filming at the invitation of her husband at the Independence Assembly, in the town of Garibaldi, when she was only 15 years old. She notes that Welles’s comment sparked outrage because the history of German colonialism in Gargua de Sul began long before Nazi Germany.

“When he associates our colonial history with Nazism, he is completely uninformed. We are not Nazis, and we do not use our weapons to subjugate people, but to please our lives. It is a complete lack of information about our traditions.,” he reports.

Archery Queen explains that the archery culture in the Gargua do Sul region is not just about Schutzenfest. Throughout the year, competitions are held to determine which bowlers will be represented at the party.

“The official championship of the Federation of Archery Clubs and Associations of the Vallée de Itaboco Archery consists of six stages. The goal with the highest score during the competition is a holy queen. And this is not easy, because she must have a lot of dedication and focus and assures that in addition to training a lot, the level today is high. Very accurate in terms of shooting accuracy and a good state of mind for a person are essential to get a good score.”

On the masculine side, the King of Archers is also chosen, who together with the Queen represents the Assembly at events, the most important of which is the Schützenfest.

From father to son tradition

President of the Federation of Shooting Clubs and Societies of the Valle do Itaboco (ACSTVI) Luis Carlos Berende, angry at the words published by the former parliamentarian. He says maintaining the traditions has been very difficult in recent years, mainly due to the pandemic.

“This person has never come to southern Brazil and knows nothing of our traditions. At the King and Queen balls, we gather about 500 people at a family party. It is a tradition passed down from father to son. Preserve the sport that arrived with German immigrants,” he sums up.

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