Athletics is waiting for the return of the Palestinian Authority and dreams of being accompanied by sponsors

Vitoria Rosa and Paulo Andre Camilo have similar tracks in athletics. The champions among runners of their generation, are the current Pan-American runners-up in the 100m, evidence that they are among the four fastest in South American history. Beautiful, they acted as a model when invited, and until last year, they were sponsored by Nike and championed by Pinheiros.

Yesterday (27) in the morning, PA, as she is now known, was the runner-up in the BBB, taking home a prize of R$150,000. In the afternoon, Vitoria achieved the second best mark of her career and the World Cup Index by winning an international tournament held in Sao Paulo. As he celebrates the financial potential of his 8.6 million Instagram followers, she wonders why she doesn’t have a club to compete with that her former sponsor has brought her down.

“I think his result can enhance athletics a lot, help get more stands. And with him here, I think it will bring more pressure, and increase our appearance as an athlete. Because today is tough. [marca de roupa] It helps me a lot, like the Navy, but to get where I want, I need more,” said Vitoria, who reached the 60m final at the World Indoor Championships, with a record in South America.

Its reality is the reality of the vast majority of athletics, even for those who have achieved impressive results. No club pays today, even close to the salaries the BM&F team used to pay in the recent past. The few athletes in Sesi-SP have good conditions, but vacancies there are limited. Only Pinheiros is a big club, because it has no rivals, it is not afraid to exclude big names such as Vitória, Rosângela Santos and Aldemir Gomes, all Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Ana Claudia Lemos, who has worked at BM&F and Pinheiros and is now managed by Mampituba, from Criciúma (SC), knows this fact all too well. “We want athletics to show, sponsorship to show. It’s a method that has many events, and we don’t have much space on TV. We feel the need for more individual sponsorship. Turn around and buy, but what about those who are starting and don’t have the money to buy a T-shirt, or Sneakers, or Gatorade shoes?”, he asks.

The sprinter is literally “Paulo Andre’s Team”, as she is married to the businessman who took PA to BBB, Basílio de Morais. But she didn’t have time to celebrate her friend’s runner-up status on the reality show because at the age of 34, yesterday afternoon, she showed up to run the 100m in 11.20, her best mark in six years, and to show that she is still at the elite in athletics.

“We don’t earn as a footballer. We are special compared to the father of the family who works 8, 10, 12 hours a day, but he is very sweaty. We need a sponsor and a club, we need more investment, more support. There are a lot of top athletes who can Survive only with help. You have to get results within one year to secure yourself next year. If you get hurt, you lose your club, you lose your scholarship,” complains Anna.

The denomination with the largest number of Bolsa Atleta beneficiaries is National, which pays R$925 per month. Running shoes that cost at least R$700. “Today, if you arrive with a bag of materials in athletics, there will be no one what or whatNor Accept it,” assesses Paulo Andre’s teammate Derek Souza on his 2019 world relay title win.

“The Palestinian Authority should have overexposed itself to it,” he addedin one the thing that should Be natural for us in terms of the sponsorship, the cube, everything else, for the result we got,” continues Derek, who defends Pineros and was fifth in the 100m at the Loterias Caixa International. Out of 50 foreigners, big names like Darlan Romani, But there were practically no athletes, coaches and family members in the stands at the Olympic Center.

Among PA’s colleagues and opponents, there is hope that this scenario will change now that the capixaba runner has become popular. “Our sport can change in Brazil,” Derek dreams. “The The vision he brought would be very good, not just for him, but for the sport in general. he have What he did will bring more audience to the sport and it will be more targeted than it already was,” he bets.

The main rival of the PA in recent years, Felipe Bardi, of Sissi, is rooting with his friend to return to the tracks soon and bring more audience with him. “Our sport has always been happier with him on the track,” says Bardy. “I didn’t follow the program much, because I study at night, but I saw that he was training. More vision for our sport.”

Camilo Oliveira, father of Paulo Andre, was at the Under-20 Championship in Sao Paulo last weekend and told interviewers that he intended to run his son the Copa Brasil, scheduled for June 22-25, in Enginhao, in Rio de Janeiro. But it would not be a surprise if the event changes its location, as happened with GP Brazil, next Sunday (1), which was even announced that it will take place in Engenhão and will be in Olympic status, because Rio did not give approval support.

Depending on Camilo’s will, Paulo Andre will run the Copa Brasil to win, which means joining the team that will take part in the Oregon Games World Cup, in the United States, between July 15 and 24. The trophy is the last chance to index and select the relay team. Without PA, today’s standings had: Erik Cardoso (10s13), Rodrigo do Nascimento (10s20), Felipe Bardi (10s23) and Paralympic Petrúcio Ferreira (10s29) in the top four.

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