Vatican: May those who have the strength to stop war hear the cry of all humanity for peace, said the Pope

Francis kisses the Ukrainian flag in Saint Peter’s Square

Vatican News Photo Vatican News; Pope Francis, April 27, Saint Peter’s Square

VATICAN CITY, April 27, 2022 (Church) – Pope Francis today emphasized the importance of dialogue between young and old for peace and fraternity, before the general public on Wednesday as he called for an end to war and continued the cycle of Christian education. Elderly.

“Dear Portuguese-speaking pilgrims, I ask you to persevere in your incessant prayers for peace,” Francis said in his greeting in Saint Peter’s Square.

“Keep up arms, so that those who have the strength to stop the war may hear the cry of all mankind for peace! May God bless you!” added the pope who accepted the Ukrainian flag.

The theme of peace was also present when addressing the French pilgrims, with Francis highlighting that in this difficult time, “when humanity yearns for peace and brotherhood,” “it is essential that the alliance between old and young be fruitful.”

He stressed, “to lead each one to be a witness and mediator of God’s blessings among peoples.”

In his weekly Catechism, where he followed the cycle of aging, the Pope called on the thousands of pilgrims assembled at the Vatican to rediscover the biblical “little book” of Ruth (Old Testament) which “contains a valuable teaching of the alliance of generations”.

He explained that “young people show their ability to impart new enthusiasm to the elderly, when young people give new enthusiasm to the elderly, old age itself appears capable of reopening the future for the wounded youth.”

“At first, old Naomi was pessimistic about her fate in a people not hers, though touched by the affection of her sons-in-law, the widows of her two children. She lovingly encourages young widows to return to their families to rebuild their lives,” Francis recalls, noting that Naomi, prompted With Ruth’s dedication, “she will come out of her pessimism and take the lead, and open a new future” for her daughter. -Law.

“She instructs and encourages Ruth, her son’s widow, to find herself a new husband in Israel. Boaz, the candidate, shows his dignity by defending Ruth from the men who served her. Unfortunately, this is a danger that also exists today.”

In this context, the Pope stressed that several “miracles” accompany the conversion of the old Naomi, which turns into “the obligation to make herself available, lovingly, for the future of a generation afflicted with loss and in danger of abandonment.”

Vatican News Photo Vatican News; Pope Francis, April 27, Saint Peter’s Square

“The fronts of reconfiguration are the same which, according to the probabilities drawn by the prejudices of common sense, must engender insurmountable rifts. Instead, faith and love allow them to be overcome: A mother-in-law overcomes her son’s jealousy with the love of Ruth’s new bond; Trust in aliens; the vulnerability of a young woman alone, in the face of a man’s strength, reconciles with a relationship full of love and respect,” she developed.

Francis also cautioned against “cliches” about the ties of kinship resulting from marriage, especially between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, stressing that they refer to another perspective, but that “the word of God becomes precious.”

Pope Francis also mentioned that eight years ago, on April 27, 2014, Saint John Paul II was canonized, and asked through his intercession that they be “faithful witnesses of Christ and his merciful love in the world, in the family and at work.” , in an intervention by the Polish pilgrims.

After the Our Father, at the end of the interview, the Pope also referred to the physical problems in the knee that tied him up and apologized for sitting in the post-meeting salutation, explaining that “the knee does not end. Healing” and cannot “stand for long.”



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