“She said it sprouts,” said a dog owner about the protector’s threats to take an animal from his family

The CGN On Tuesday night (26), I spoke with Carina da Silvera Pacheco, who reported on a complicated situation she was experiencing.

According to Karina’s report, a woman who lives near her home and says she is a protector and representative of an NGO, claimed that the animal was being abused.

Karina said she took the puppy when he was a week old and today, at three months old, Lupino is treated like a family member.

According to her, the neighbor, claiming protection, went to the apartment complex where she lives, swept the place and took pictures of the animal, saying that she would be denounced and would lose the dog.

She also said that four families live in condominiums which is why the animal remains inside the property, given that it has recently had its vaccinations, it is still unable to come into contact with other animals unsettled on the ground.

Today, the woman was once again in the Karina family home, and she would go in without permission and take new photos of the animal saying it was a vegetarian and poorly cared for.

Karina stressed that the animal is well taken care of and that she loves the pet. She explained that many stray animals are starving and need the care and attention that a protector can provide.

What did the protector say?

The CGN He was in contact with the protector who provided another version of the facts. Working in the protection of stray animals and in a state of abuse for a long time, she said that she only guided the owner of the animal who was leashed.

According to the garrison, after a complaint from a resident, she went to the place to check the situation and came across the animal that was tied up. She said that she had a friendly chat with Karina and advised her that the animal could not be trapped in the chain, as it is currently considered a crime.

Because she had diarrhoea, the protector said it was important to consult the animal, but the owner would have reported that she had no money, at which time the protector said she would be vaccinated and even castrated according to NGO values, and the ability to pay at another time, including.

The garrison emphasized that she never went to the place to take the animal away from Karina, as NGOs are crowded and there is no reason to take out an animal, as long as it is not in a state of abuse. She explained that when she came home today, the animal was free, bathed, and had the vaccine, which I instructed the owner and offered him alternatives.

It also highlighted that the work of NGOs and animal protectors is extremely dangerous and that the picture cannot be “distorted” by lies or misinterpretation. The garrison also said she believed Karina felt trapped, however, the guidance and the claim served the animal’s release and survival in a better condition.

Photo taken by the protector after a complaint that the animal is trapped in a chain.

In a comment on CGN’s Facebook page, another protector spoke out and reinforced what the protector involved in the case had already said.

“We have photos and videos that prove the animal was living in a state of abuse. The protector who responded to the case could object to everything, even calling a vet to take care of the pet. What happens is that the animal’s owner sends him to a farm to give him a vaccine and a bath, He is now free after only visiting the protector, the complaint worked. What we cannot accept are attacks on our work. When an animal is injured, left, abused or simply upsets someone, it is the protectors who are remembered. The responsibility of every animal is its owner, and no one will get involved In taking care of a good animal You have an obligation to maintain at least good food, vaccinations, neutering, hygiene and care of the animal The criminal article states that abuse is a crime The protector has given directions and even offered help Hopefully you have learned how to care for your pet And if you want to show up On CGN, congratulations, you can seem to be doing something useful. We are the custodians of volunteers, it is not our duty to save all the animals, but we will continue to help.”

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