Remember 10 life stories that moved in SC | G1 Santa Catarina 10 years

One thing is for sure, Santa Catarina has many characters life stories Exciting like the ones shown in the movies. Although they never made it to the small screens, many had repercussions on g1 sc Along 10 years from the gate.

Reports include, for example, the record of a father who used plastic bags to make a princess dress for his daughter, and the teachings of the first transgender woman to wear a military police uniform. Santa Catarina (PMSC) and the experience of a newlywed couple who renewed their marriage vows after a liver transplant and a 13-year separation.

This article is part of a series of texts commemorating the 10th Anniversary of g1 sc. To celebrate the first decade, the report detailed the outstanding cases, curiosities, memes, and facts that have marked the history of the portal and the state.

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1. Dad is broke, he uses grocery bags and makes princess costume for his daughter

Without resources, a father designs a suitcase for his daughter to go to a school party in South Carolina – Photo: Reproduction/NSC TV

Without money, machine operator Luciano Carvalho, who lives with his family in São Bento do Sul, north of the state, used his creativity so his two-year-old daughter Samira could attend a school party. With plastic bags from a supermarket, make a princess costume for a child. The story moved in 2018 It is worth remembering.

2. After transplantation and 13 years of separation, the patient renews his vows with his hospital companion

The couple renewed their wedding vows in Pedro’s recovery bed – Photo: Santa Isabel Hospital / Reproduction

a patient who underwent a liver transplant, He renewed his marriage vows with his partner At Blumenau Hospital in the Itajai Valley on Thursday (24). The story of Pedro Paolo Margotti, 53, and Ionara Tomaz is exciting. In December 2021, the two received a religious blessing from the hospital’s chaplain, Father Joao Leonardo, in bed as they were taken to the hospital. It is worth remembering.

3. The first transgender woman in the Military Police of the Supreme Court

Priscilla Diana is back on the streets after two years of fighting for the recognition of her identity – Photo: Personal Archive / Disclosure

Sergeant Priscilla Diana, The first transgender woman to wear a military police uniform In Santa Catarina, he carries with him a baggage of struggles and life lessons.

After facing prejudice and neglect and going to court to be identified by the state, she recalls her own history and states in g1 SC the five main lessons learned in Report published by g1 SC in March 2022.

4. The oldest employee in the world is 100 years old

Walter Orthmann with a record book plate (Photo: Patrick Rodriguez/NSC .)

In April, Walter Orthmann, Oldest employee in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, has completed 100 years of age. The story must have been an inspiration because for 84 years he worked as a salesman for a textile company in Brusque, in the Itajaí Valley, with a smile on his face.

He even says he doesn’t have a date to stop. “Life is just a passage here on earth, enjoy it, do whatever you want,” he says. Walter was appointed on January 17, 1938 at the age of 15.
Remember his story In this report.

5. At the age of 20, Marco Vue talks about how Mimi changed his life

‘Taca-le pau’: 20-year-old Marco Vue talks about life 8 years after meme – Photo: Montage/g1

The life of Marcos Joaquim Martinelli, the Marco VieuxCompletely changed after turning me me On the Internet eight years ago. The young, 20-year-old currently works as a web programmer in Gaspar town of Itajai Valley, but says people are still looking for him in his 2014 video competition. See the history of Santa Catarina here.

6. Outstanding Women in Agribusiness in SC

Agribusiness records an increase in the presence of women in Santa Catarina – Photo: Montage / g1 SC

The search for a course in rural production techniques and entrepreneurship has increased every year among women in Santa Catarina, even during the pandemic. In March 2022, g1 SC brought up the stories of women working in agribusiness in different regions of the state. The stories are inspiring.

7. The blind young man learned to play the piano by listening to songs

Willian Miranda uses technology to promote music – Image: Reproduction / NSC Television

William Miranda won his first piano at the age of four. With this instrument, the resident of Guapiroba, in the Vallee de Itajai, played the first notes alone. Since then, it has not stopped. At the age of 23, the blind young man became a professional musician and entered the conservatory. “Any feeling I can express through music,” he said.

The story of the young man can be seen in an article in October 2021.

8. The new childhood of Joao Victor, from Santa Catarina who beat cancer

Joao Victor cured of cancer – Photo: Tatiana Solanka / Personal Archive

In 2015, Joao Victor Loch, who was 5 years old at the time, was thrilled after recovering from a liver transplant and winning the battle against cancer. To g1 SC, the boy talked a little about the life he started away from hospitals.

9. Music teacher creates a way for deaf people to play instruments

Sheet music on one side of the screen and on the other side Roberto shows the time and intensity needed – Image: NSC TV / Reproduction

Roberto Vargas, a music teacher from Jaguarona, in southern Santa Catarina, has devised a method for teaching deaf students to play a percussion instrument with other hearing students. According to him, this technique is unprecedented. Learn the story.

10. Venezuelans talk about life in Brazil

Venezuelans try a new life in Santa Catarina – Photo: NSC TV/Injab

In 2018, Venezuelans Talk to g1 SC About the life of an immigrant and tell us about the anticipation of spending his first Christmas in Brazil. The stories are about those who had to give up everything in their country of origin to try to build a new future.

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