Mette’s father, who was murdered by her stepfather, posted the last photo he took with his daughter

Giuliano Cesar Matias, father of 2-year-old Maite Brambilla dos Anjos, who was found dead with a cut to her neck, shared a photo of his recent weekend with his daughter. The girl was found lifeless in the bed of the apartment where she lived with her mother, in Treze Tílias, in the midwest of Santa Catarina, on Tuesday night (26).

The father shared a record of the last weekend he spent with the girl. – Play / Internet

Mitty died with a cut to her neck, according to civil police - Internet / ND
Mitty died with a cut to her neck, according to civil police – Internet / ND

The place where the death occurred - Lucas Polak / ND
The place where the death occurred – Lucas Polak / ND

In the post containing the Amor de Pai song, Giuliano wrote: “Last weekend, all of us together. You give me all your love and affection and that hug and kiss that only you have. We just knew how to do our touch and tried to teach Aunt Marcia to do it. It didn’t sink in that I I won’t be with you anymore. I will love you forever my love. (sic)”, the father wrote.

Her mother found Mity Brambilla dos Anjos dead, around 8 p.m. on Tuesday. The girl was lying in bed, under the covers, with a wound to her neck, according to her paternal grandfather, Julio Cesar Matías dos Anjos, a resident of Agua dos Anjos (SC).

The Volunteer Fire Department confirmed the death of the child, who was held by the mother in her lap when rescuers arrived at the address. Mette sustained a serious and deep wound to her neck. The knife used in the crime was seized.

The girl’s mother told the military police that her daughter stayed in the apartment with her 31-year-old ex-partner to go to work. Although they separated for about two months, the man frequented the family home.

On the day the crime was committed, the man allegedly offered to take the child to the daycare, which his uncle usually did. He was justifying taking her to school because he would buy her gifts.

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On his Facebook account, Giuliano also apologized for not being able to protect his daughter and said he had a broken heart. “Forgive me, my daughter, if I am not a good father, if I do not protect you enough from this cruel world. My heart is breaking my little angel.”

The man also said he felt guilty for not being able to protect his daughter. “You went and left your father here knowing nothing. I will never forgive myself for not being able to protect you from the evil of this monster,” he commented.

Mette’s father called his daughter’s death “cowardice,” and promised him that he would not “let her go to waste so cheaply.” “But there is one thing I promise you, my beloved daughter, that I will not let go, for what he did to you was so great cowardice to an innocent little angel who did not know how to defend himself and who did not know anything of what he was doing. Happen or occur “.

Giuliano Matthias concluded by saying that his daughter will always remember her. “I will love you forever, my little princess, my little flea. I love you so much, my trunk of people,” he concluded.

It was supported by friends. “I don’t know what to tell you now, my friend! But we are with you!” Her friend Dai wrote on the same social network, God give you strength to endure. “Be strong, my friend, so that justice may be done for little Mighty. God will comfort your heart. “We are all with you,” Micheli said. Others have turned to the Internet to demand justice in the case.

His ex-husband surrenders to the police

The girl’s ex-stepfather turned himself in to the military police in the early hours of Wednesday morning (27). Representative Marcelo Marines, of the Civil Police of Tres Tilias, reported that the man fled after the crime, which occurred around 8 p.m. “He was in hiding, he was kept, he had nowhere to go,” he explained.

The Marines say the surveys were conducted overnight to locate the suspect. We searched all night to track him down, both from the military and civilian police. We’ve already got his name and police record.”

Early on Wednesday morning, the man called the Central Police on duty and reported that he was hiding in a house in the São José neighborhood. “He called the military police and gave the address to come to him, perhaps he was afraid of summary execution, because it is a very serious crime, which shocks the population,” said the Marines.

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