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Did you know that apartment animals are more prone to stress or anxiety?

by dr. Larissa Meurer

| 27/04/2022 11:00

As they have neither room to dig nor to expend energy, which are natural needs of a dog. But wait, there is a solution. If you’re not sure whether or not your pet is anxious, go back to last week’s article and see how many points on the stress/anxiety chart your pet makes. Since you already learned in last week’s content to identify this in your pet, so today’s content helps you in a practical way, after all, what should you do in everyday life?

Having company relieves stress. Photo: Zhendongshan

Having company relieves stress. Photo: Zhendongshan

2 is better than 1

Nobody likes to be alone, right? Nor dogs. In the wild they live in groups and so hate being alone. Whenever you can, play with him, but even though you devote a few minutes of your day to playing with your pet, he will feel lonely the rest of the day, after all, even if you are at home, you will be cleaning a house, working, studying, resting, which is why I advise that You have two pets. Calm down, I’m not telling you that you have a lot of animals, I’m saying: 2. They will expend more energy, they will distract, play, be companions. And we know that animals live shorter than us, so it’s much easier to grieve the loss of a pet when you already have another.


The ideal is to walk twice a day, adapting to your routine and doing whatever you can. Tours mingle with people and animals, see nature, and reduce aggression and stress. Be sure to take your pet for fear of diseases, worms or ticks, keep vaccinations, vermifuges and antiparasitics up-to-date and be happy for a walk with your pet.


Another option pets love is daycare.  Yes, there is a daycare center for dogs, where they spend the whole day playing and having fun with other animals and recreational caregivers.
Playground for pets. Photo: Jb325

Playground for pets. Photo: Jb325


Your pet may need a behavioral expert. A behavior coach who specializes in helping you through this stage of stress and/or anxiety.

environmental enrichment

It is to make the environment in which the pet lives, full of challenges, with novelties that promote improvements in the animal’s quality of life. There are studies that say:

Life expectancy of cats that graduate: 4 years

Life expectancy for indoor cats: 10-16 years

⦁Life expectancy for neutered cats with quality of life: 20-25 years

did you see?  How long can it take to increase your cat's life by giving it a quality of life?  This includes playing.  The advantages of games are: they reduce fear, aggression and phobias, develop natural behaviors such as hunting, develop greater physical and mental capacity, remain more relaxed, less destructive, prevent chronic diseases, prevent stress and anxiety, etc.  There are many other advantages, and even if I say that my pet does not like to play, I am telling you that you did not find out what he likes to play or did not teach him to play.
Games make the life of pets more fun. Photo: Przemyslav Isiak

Games make the life of pets more fun. Photo: Przemyslav Isiak the details: It is not enough to offer toys to your pet, it is necessary to rotate them, otherwise he will get sick very quickly. To learn the right way to spin toys, how to give, and how to make toys at home, then click here

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