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You may have heard or said that pets are part of the family. Often, they are our greatest companions, those who eagerly await our arrival and are always full of affection to offer. And if they devote a lot to us, when decorating the house, it is very important that decisions – from paint to furniture – are thought of with regard to the well-being of all residents – including, of course, pets on all fours – paws that bring so much happiness to the house.

For this task, it is necessary to know the best materials, fabrics and solutions to create a décor that combines the luxury of a pet, the style and comfort required in the interior. With that in mind, we’ve picked the best tips from furniture manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and retailers to turn your home into an oasis for the whole family. paying off!

The best flooring options for pet owners

Porcelain is one of the most widely used types of paint in Brazil. If you are going to choose this material for the floor, the most appropriate recommendation are products that have an intermediate surface condition, so that it is not so soft that the pet slips or is resistant to slipping so that it forces the joints so much. “In general, the appropriate finishes are satin, in the case of enamel; and with a natural finish, when we talk about technicians,” explains Anderson Patricio, Quality Assurance Coordinator at Eliane Revestimentos (elianerevestimentos).

In addition to avoiding slipping, you also have to bear in mind that too soft floors can cause hip dysplasia, a problem with the hip joints that can primarily affect dogs and has no definitive cure. In this case, vinyl floors are excellent options, mainly because they have a more flexible surface and models with non-slip textures. “In light of this framework, the adhesive type is the ideal vinyl flooring for those who have pets in the house, as it combines all required solutions with a variety of shapes, patterns and colors, while also relying on flexibility in installation, colors and ease of cleaning,” explains Bianca Tognollo, engineer. Architect and Marketing Director at Tarkett.

Tarkettbrasil vinyl flooring, practical cleaning and a comfortable surface for pets

Like vinyl, hardwood floors also have another benefit that adds more comfort to you and your pet on a daily basis: They are thermal, meaning they are more pleasant to the touch on both cold and crowded days. “With several coats of varnish, Kumaru hardwood floors, by Acaflore, are highly resistant to scratches caused by animal nails. But a good advice is to choose matte models, which show fewer flaws. Other care quickly, with a damp cloth and neutral soap, in case your pet is out of urine,” notes Denilson Francisco Cristiano, ACAFLOR Product Manager.

Camaro hardwood flooring, by Akafloor (@akafloor_oficial)

What is the best type of rug for dogs and cats?

For those who have pets at home, a rug can seem like a very difficult item to reconcile and maintain, which makes many people give up owning this piece. To comfort those who love pets, such a hard stance is not necessary. According to Francesca Alzati, identity director at Cami, the most suitable rugs for people who have pets at home are those made from synthetic fibres, that is, non-natural fibres, such as vinyl, nylon, polyester and polypropylene, for example. . “These are more practical materials, absorbing less dirt and liquids than models with natural fibers. Therefore, the advice is to avoid or reduce the number of rugs made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, etc. In these cases, ‘first aid’ care should be performed in case of urination. and defecate as quickly as possible,” he says.

Those who have pets and rugs in the house need to know the characteristics of the product well. In the photo, a serape rug, photographed by Kami (bykamy) – Photo by Emerson Alves

autographed animal design pieces

It can be said that pets have already dominated the decoration market. In order to meet this demand, the major brands in the sector are creating signature design pieces that are able to combine versatility and sophistication, providing even more comfort and novel solutions for pets.

The piece that Leonardo Bueno developed for Odara, for example, in addition to being an animal shelter, serves as a beautiful decorative piece. “When we create a home, we target humans. Pets live with us, but they don’t have a home of their own, and with that in mind, I created the Jetsons’ home to be their home. In addition to the retro design, similar to the cartoon ‘The Jetsons’, they feel protected, Where the thermal and acoustic parts are. The general suggestion is to make it clear that pets can have a home indoors, not necessarily in the backyard.”, explains designer Leonardo Bueno.

The Jetsons House, signed by Leonardo Bueno, available at Odara (, has MDF finish options with acrylic or white and ebony veneer.

In turn, DonaFlor Mobília has created a table that also serves as great entertainment for pets. The central structure of the Chanel table, signed by Sérgio Stark, is separated from the main structure, allowing a balance for more open pets.

“Making a Chanel table is a homemade order made with love. For the first time, I have a dog at home, a Yorkshire Chanel, which is my daughters passion, and as a client and designer, it wasn’t hard to think of solutions. The most important point is the pet’s happiness, they love comfort and protection ,but at the same time the piece needs ventilation and allowing to observe the surroundings.The second point is to think of the owner,something practical and made of washable material,in the case of the table,for example,I used marine rope and aluminum.I also thought of a multifunctional piece , and not to add another element to the decoration, not to mention the exquisite execution, which leaves the piece beautiful and without points that could harm pets”, says designer Sergio Stark.

Yorkshire and Mesa Chanel, signed by Sergio Stark for Donaflor_mobilia. Photo: Rafael Motta

A practical solution for cleaning on the Lego sofa, from estudiobola, many cats – as well as puppies! They can lie down without the risk of pulling the threads from the upholstery. “100% cotton and biodegradable, our fabric has a very tight weave, which prevents a practice that cats love so much. Plus, it’s factory water-resistant, and doesn’t absorb potential wetting. A paper towel is enough to clean up the liquid,” explains Adriana Oliveira, owner of Estudiobola Campinas.

Lego sofa, upholstered in gray Canvas, by estudiobola Campinas (estudiobolacampinas). Image: propaganda

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