Football and Racism: Everything that needs to be done – 04/27/2022

Few would argue that fighting racism in football doesn’t work. Disavowal notes, angry statements, “Let’s consider punishment”, “Apologize if we offended anyone”, “It was not my intention”, “Racism is not here”, Banners, posters, etc, etc., no longer deceive a lot of people. They don’t deceive even those who still pretend that this rammy works.

The Boca fan who was arrested yesterday in Itaqueira, for example, is already starting to make waves on social media. He paid a guarantee of three thousand riyals and left.

And many of us, in order to criticize gringo’s racism, use xenophobia as a weapon. Where will this take us? I can provide the answer and anyone who wants to stop reading here feels free because there isn’t much to say, even if I were to. It won’t get us anywhere.

It’s all part of a horrific theater that, while pretending to fight racism, voluntarily accepts that the structures remain exactly the same. Racism is not just a character flaw. It is also a perversion of personality. But it is much more than that.

Racists do not live exclusively in Argentina. Just yesterday, Gabi Gol was the target of racist insults in a match against Fluminense. Just yesterday, some members of Atlhetico Paraná fans committed racist crimes in their modern arena. Racism exists in all of us because we were raised to be racists. As well as sexism, misogyny and LGBTphobic. This is what we already know.

It is now up to each of us to get rid of educating ourselves. How do? Listening to those who have been marginalized, silenced, hidden from view and oppressed for centuries. Read what they write. I lower my head to understand everything wrong we have done so far. Understand that white bodies carry violence even if we do not agree with them, even if we reject them, even if we feel disgust. Deconstruction begins in each of us.

Leonardo Ponzo, the Argentine who was arrested yesterday for mimicking a monkey in an attempt to insult Corinthians fans, is one among millions. The President of the Republic, who, as a candidate, compared blacks to cattle in a lecture at Hebraica in Rio (from all placesas my friend Jay says), is just about anything else.

The embarrassing campaigns of FIFA, Conmebol and CBF that are limited to making banners and T-shirts to meet the schedule in this fight will not change anything structural at all. Because if most footballers are black and we can count our fingers on the number who have seen the coaches, storytellers, commentators, managers and directors of the Brazilian Football Confederation, the racist structure is being rubbed in our faces.

Ponzo is just another despicable human being driven by ignorance. A quick mirror investigation will reveal to himself that he is likely not a descendant of the Prince of Denmark. We are the open veins of Latin America (Salvi Galliano). Even the pallor and blue eyes among us are called Chicanos By a group from the northern hemisphere (Hail Bacurao).

It would be important to see ourselves for what we are: nations that emerged through a long process of colonization, extermination, exploitation and genocide. We Brazilians have nearly 400 years of slavery on our backs. If we’ve been around for just over 500 years with that Brazilian name, we spend much more time enslaving blacks than not enslaving them. This racist structure is part of our courage and our institutions.

Racism works perfectly for those in power. As we kill each other on the factory floor, they reign over the floors above. Ponzo is just another despicable, ignorant, low-key human being. It is the tip of the iceberg.

Mouth manifested. A short note available on social media and full of exasperation. What is it worth? You’re welcome. From none at all.

It would be necessary for football to really get into this quagmire. Reform, restructuring and recovery policies. consciousness. education. Recovery.

It only takes one thing to do this: political will. Money in this environment does not decrease. In fact, quite a lot. But there is no political will. Because those in power don’t want to risk losing power. So they pretend to fight. single track. More buttons. More shirts. Another campaign. Call someone from the marketing department.

Immediately, clubs whose fans have fallen into racist acts should be excluded from the competition in question. New solutions to old problems. Some might say extremist. I would argue that radicalism is racism.

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