EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods are Games of the Month for May on PlayStation®Plus

PlayStation®Plus subscribers will be able to download these titles for free via PlayStation®Store, starting May 3, 2022
Lisbon, 27 April 2022 – The Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Today, by Official PlayStation Blog®What are the matches for the month of May 2022 and what is it? Play Station®Plus: EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 And Midgard Tribes to me Play Station®5 And Play Station®4 And Curse of the dead gods to me Play Station®4. The titles will be available for download from next Tuesday, May 3, through June 2, 2022.

at EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22Available for the first time in Play Station®PlusEvery moment on the pitch is enhanced with HyperMotion, a gaming technology designed to unleash the power of PlayStation®5. By integrating Advanced 11v11 Match Capture and machine learning, HyperMotion applies real-time player movement data from professional soccer players during high-intensity matches, while FIFA 22 To create the most realistic, fluid and responsive gaming experience in history FIFA. Classic game modes return with a new era of innovation, and here, players will be able to create their own club in Career Mode, experience nostalgia with new FIFA Ultimate Team champions and earn rewards for their street skills with renewed gameplay in FOOTBALL BACK.

Previously Midgard Tribesalso available for Play Station®5 And Play Station®4, is a cooperative game that blends action, survival and rogue elements in a unique way. Here, players must defend their village from hordes of invaders, such as massive killer and monstrous spirits, who each night threaten to destroy the seed of Yggdrasil, the sacred tree they are sworn to protect. Only by protecting the seed will players and their tribe be able to stop Ragnarok, the end of the world!

On the other hand, in Curse of the dead gods to me Play Station®4Players will have to search for untold riches, eternal life, and divine power – which leads them to a cursed temple, a seemingly endless maze of endless pits, deadly traps and monsters. The players’ greed will be their end, but they won’t run away. They will have to rise and fight again, go deeper and challenge the remaining evil gods. Fighting hordes of enemies in dark cavernous tunnels full of traps and secrets – fire-spewing gnomes, explosives, hidden spikes and much worse – will be a real challenge.

But news for members Play Station®Plus Don’t stop here, because SIE He also announces that in May, subscribers to Play Station®Plus He will also be able to continue downloading the title at no additional cost Together: The Indigos . Project Chapter 1It was developed under the program Play Station®talent. Together: The Indigos . Project Chapter 1 to me Play Station®4and compatible with Play Station®5, is a third person puzzle adventure for single player. Set in the fearsome building of the Hexacells, Twogether will feature original puzzles that can only be solved with cooperation. The game will have players examining, evaluating and acting according to the elements of their surroundings and the forces of their protagonist, as if they are about to escape from a dark escape room. Ravi has telekinesis and Sam can use teleportation. They must work together to solve the various challenges within the Hexacells so that they can escape. They will form a strong friendship along the way that makes them a relentless team.

Remember that society Play Station®Plus It has already reached 46.3 million users worldwide, and that by joining this community, subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy games with other online players. In addition, they will be able to download more than 24 games on Play Station®4 And Play Station®5 It’s hand-picked each year at no additional cost, and you can save and play it for the life of your subscription. They can also take advantage of special offers on games and add-ons at Play Station®store Or get 100GB of cloud storage for your game recordings Play Station®4. Subscribers to Play Station®Plus which has Play Station®5 You can also access many games for Play Station®4 that defined the generation as Batman Arkham KnightAnd blood borneAnd Days gone byAnd God of WarAnd Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End And much more. These games are part of playstation set®Pluswhich has been available in Portugal since November 19, 2020.

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