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Nobody messes with parquet theatre

Teatro do Parque heritage approved. The decree, signed by Governor Paulo Camara, was published in the Official Gazette yesterday. The motion to overthrow the movie theater was submitted by the João Teimoso group jointly with the Guerrilha Cultural Movement. In February this year, the State Council for Cultural Preservation gave a positive opinion on the application. Opened in 1915, Teatro do Parque commemorates generations of Recife residents. Although it has been closed for about a decade, and reopened in November 2020, it has established itself as a symbol of the resumption of cultural activities in the mitigation of the pandemic.

By the way

João Teimoso’s group also requested the inclusion of the building next to the Teatro do Parque, where the Parque Hotel, opened shortly before the movie theatre, was listed. The process is still being analyzed – the ownership, in this case, belongs to the private sector.

2021 CEO of the Year Award

The Brazilian Institute of Financial Executives (IBEF-PE) brings together entrepreneurs and professionals in the region tomorrow to present Jaime de Queiroz Lima Filho the CEO recognition for the year 2021. For more than 40 years alongside businessman João Carlos Paes Mendonça he is currently CEO of the holding company JCPM Shopping Centers . The host of the event, which takes place at the Hotel Mar, is José Emílio Calado, President. From IBEF-PE.


Judge Gabriel Cavalcante was selected last Monday by merit to fill the vacancy resulting from the retirement of Judge Juvaldo Nunes. Took it up yesterday.

Triple List

TJPE, also on Monday, elected the names of the tripartite des list. From TRE-PE: Lawyers Edson Vera Cruz, Gervásio Lacerda and Rodrigo Cahu Beltrão, who are seeking reappointment. Bolsonaro is expected to refer to the name over the next three months.

Chats and books

Journalist Fabio Lucas continues his work at the Livronews Arena in São Paulo. This afternoon, he spoke with the creators of the Conversas Barra Vida project, in Livraria Ponta de Lans; By night, he meets independent editors at Ria Livraria, a bar and bookstore that is a hotspot for the literary world.

Theresa 93

A conversation between Dennis Matar, curator Teresa Costa Rigo-Sem Concessões and journalist and writer Joanna Rozovicoiate, the artist’s granddaughter, will celebrate the painter’s 93rd birthday tomorrow. From 7 p.m., at Galeria Marco Zero.

It’s not sorcery…

Carvalheira sets foot in a parallel world, completely virtual, tomorrow, with the Bikini no Metaverso party. The event will be held online through the Carva Games poster, starting at 8pm.

…it’s a technique!

DJ and music producer KVSH will perform at the party, and the audience will be able to follow Carva Games’ profile on Twitch, a live video streaming platform.


Jorge Petribo, Cipriano Sanchez, Marisa Gibson, Petinho Gomez, Izias Gomez, Claudio Novaes, Arnaldo Pereira, Susana Azevedo, Rita de Casilla Ferreira and Antonio de Oliveira.

She is beautiful 1

Dona Carmem Virgínia, who does well for putting her beauty in hammocks (as well as her great food), is involved in a project by makeup artist Fernando Turquato. The book will be released later this year.

She is beautiful 2

From Barreiros to the world, Maria Clara Canot is a name that counts. Young actress, who wants to invest in her career; Soon, he will be arriving in Rio de Janeiro to attend interpretation workshops.


Today, Port of Recife will provide two types of geladotecas, the result of a partnership with Cais Rooftop, for Pilar School and Daycare Center. Refrigerators will serve as small libraries.

Dancers Ferreirinha do Frevo and Matheus Pimentel participate today at the Frevo Digital Observatory, at 15:00. Yanka Lima will moderate the conversation and it will revolve around the relationship of bodies to music, dance and street. Online and in person.

Today, Caape President Anne Cabral is leading a free vaccination campaign against the H3N2 strain for advocacy. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in the drive-in system, in front of the OAB-PE building. Make an appointment through the website

Secretary Alexandre Rebelo celebrated the award of the Pernambuco Educational Charter, on Monday, at a ceremony held by the Getulio Vargas Foundation, in Brasilia.

feet. Today, at 7 pm, Sérgio Lúcio Alho da Costa celebrates the Misericórdia Mass in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Boa Vista, where he served for five years. He is now a parish priest of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fatima, in Porto Velho (RO).

The 65th generation poet, Angelo Monteiro launches Entre as Ondas, edited by Cepe, during the first Penedo Literary Fair (Flipenedo), in Alagoas, from tomorrow to Saturday.

Degusta stores have undergone a renovation and adopted a new self-service model. There are plates and 40 flavors of ice cream.

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