Android 13 beta 1 was released by Google. Discover all the news

Read on for a summary of what’s new! Google has released the first beta version of Android 13.

If you are a fan of Android, then you are probably eagerly waiting for the news of the next version of the operating system. Google just released Android 13 beta 1, and there are a lot of new features to check out. Read on for a summary of what’s new!

Google released the first beta build of Android 13. It had previously released Developer Previews 1 and 2 for Android 13. Now we expect to see four beta builds of the release with one arriving each month until the final version of Android 13 is released in August or September. We should hear a lot more about Android 13 at the Google I/O conference, which begins on Wednesday, May 11th and runs through Thursday, May 12th.

We will give you pointers on how to become an Android 13 beta tester, but we want to point out that it is a risky proposition, especially with the first beta version. The features you can rely on may not work properly, battery life will be shortened, and the software will become deceptive. The stability of the platform will begin with the June beta, which means that at that time, Google is not planning to make any changes to the platform that will disrupt an app.

Android 13 beta 1 can now be installed on Pixel 4 and above phones

“You may want to wait for the June or July beta, when all behaviors and “app skins” are finalized. However, if you have a compatible Pixel device (which includes the Pixel 4/4 XL and Pixel 4a) and Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6/6 Pro) and you want to install Android 13 beta 1, you have to go to the Android Beta Program for Pixel and click on the banner that says “See your eligible devices”

Compatible Pixel devices can now install Android 13 beta 1 - Android 13 beta 1 released by Google

Compatible Pixel devices can now install the Android 13 beta.

You will be taken to a page showing a picture of your Pixel device with “+ Opt In” at the bottom. Tap on that and within the next 24 hours you will receive the OTA software update.

Google said last month that it would eventually allow Android beta testers to go back to public Android versions without forcing them to wipe their phones. But for now, Google warns those interested in becoming an Android 13 beta tester that “you won’t be able to roll out a stable public version of Android and get back to it without first erasing all the data stored locally on your device.”

To do this, you will have to go back to the Android Beta for Pixel page and click on the logo that asks if you want to see your eligible devices. This time, under the picture of your Pixel 4 or later phone, you will press “Cancel” and within 24 hours you will receive a new version of Android 13 to download which will take you back to the stable path but erase your phone data. Obviously, it is a good idea to back up your device before installing the beta operating system.

Remember that beta versions of operating systems are not stable.

One of the changes in Android 13 beta 1, according to the Android authority, includes an alternative to the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission that allows the app to access all types of media on your phone, even if you don’t really need to play it.

With Android 13 beta 1, the app needs to be more specific about which social media it is asking for permission to access. READ_MEDIA_IMAGE is used to access images and images, READ_MEDIA_VIDEO allows an app to access video files, and READ_MEDIA_AUDIO allows an app to access an audio file.

Making sure an app has the necessary permission to work properly and do the job it’s expected to do without giving you too many permissions is part of Google’s attempt to make Android more secure.

It’s worth noting that in case you’re concerned about Pixel Quarterly Drops, those who are running a beta of Android 13 on their Pixel phones will get the Quarterly Platform Beta (QPR) which will bring them the new and updated features sooner than before. Of which. From the public version calendar.

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