Vegetarian dog? Study says a plant-based diet is healthier and safer for dogs

Will dog Should they stop eating meat? To the delight of vegetarians… yes!

A study recently published in the journal PLOS ONE references this diet vegetable based and more healthy and safe For our four legged friends.

vegetarian dogs

There is a growing movement promoting Vegetarian diet for dogs and cats.

For scientists, when comparing plant-based diets with meat, the results suggest that a A nutritionally healthy vegetarian diet It can bring health benefits and reduce risks to cats.

A total of 2,536 dog owners participated in the survey, and the links between animal diets and health outcomes were analyzed.

The results are clear, says Andrew Knight, professor of animal care and ethics at the University of Winchester in the UK. He explains:

“We found that healthy diet And the least dangerous for dogs was the diet vegetarian Nutritionally healthy.”

Traditional ‘less healthy’ diets

The results clearly showed that dogs on a traditional meat diet were less healthy than dogs on raw meat or vegetarian diets.

The following has been compared:

  • Vet visits.
  • Increased use of medication
  • a higher proportion of therapeutic meals;
  • and a higher proportion of health problems.

Other factors, such as the age of the dogs, also need to be taken into account to arrive at a more accurate result.

But make no mistake, research also proves that there are Dangers of a raw meat diet (which is not related to a vegetarian diet).

According to Knight:

There are a large number of studies that show the association of raw meat diet Bacterial pathogens, parasites and protozoawhich are more prevalent in dogs and also in people from the same household.”

“Superbug” in raw dog food

Tendency to feed dogs raw foods may feed spread Antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

A study conducted by UCIBIO, School of Pharmacy, University of Porto, Portugal, examined several samples of dog food in stores and pet stores.

The results revealed that Enterococcia genus of bacteria commonly found in the human intestine, and was present in more than half of the samples analyzed.

This type of bacteria is resistant to antibiotics, which means that some types of bacteria are resistant to antibiotics Enterococci It can lead to outbreak of dangerous diseases.

In other words, the raw meat diet is clearly associated with it Big food risksparticularly pathogens.

vegan food for dogs

Currently, according to research, the Vegetarian food for animals The estimated value is expected to reach $15.6 billion by 2028, up from $8.6 billion in 2020.

Despite the numerous studies and scientific interest in the field of plant-based diets for dogs, the biggest concern is whether they really can be pets. Healthy with a vegetarian diet.

These fears echoed British Veterinary AssociationWhich currently does not advise dogs to feed dogs except on a plant-based diet.

Justin Shotton, President of BVA, explains:

“However, there is currently a lack of robust data mapping the health consequences of feeding large numbers of dogs a plant-based diet over many years, so we hope to see more research on whether Non-animal protein sources can fit into a dog’s dietThe long-term “.

Owners should look for vets and specialists to avoid them nutritional deficiency and associated diseases and adjust the amount of food in order to get Nutrient Balance.

Let’s always keep in mind: Foods with fewer substances and questionable sources of which we know their origin, are always better for dogs’ health.

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