Samsung reveals more details about its new TVs at Media Forum 2022

At its Media Forum 2022 online event held today, Samsung gave more details of the technology and features of its current TV portfolio, with new versions of its Neo QLED 8K and Lifestyle TVs, as well as Micro LED, all revealed at CES 2022.

True to its motto “Screens Everywhere, Screens For All,” the Samsung Media Forum 2022, formerly known as Tech Seminars, held three sessions. The first session focused on technology, highlighting the Neo QLED 8K and Micro LED, as well as the new speakers. The second is about the Lifestyle TV line, news of programs for new TVs, as well as the Freestyle projector. The third and final session presented the company’s environmental efforts.

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Great Features of Neo QLED 8K

Samsung Neo QLED 8K / Disclosure: Samsung

Let’s start with the Neo QLED 8K, which Samsung revealed in more detail at the Media Forum 2022. The 2022 version of this Samsung TV has a 14-bit contrast mapping. Thus, it manages to bring out every detail, even in scenes with bright and dark spots in the same scene.

In addition, they have a shape-adapting lighting control, which analyzes lines, shapes, and surfaces to control the shape of the light, increasing the brightness and resolution of all objects on the screen.

Another feature of the new Neo QLED 8K line is the Neural Quantum Processor 8K, which has 20 neural networks, four more than the 2021 version. These neural networks are used to analyze different scenes, therefore, the upgrade is indicated depending on the type. Content.

Using the True Depth Enhancer, the processor recognizes the position of the object on the screen, increases its brightness and contrast, without manipulating the background, creating a 3D effect on the object.

Samsung also talked about features designed specifically for gamers, such as the new Gaming Hub, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K with a 144Hz refresh rate, and HDMI 2.1-compatible ports.

The new TVs feature Cloud Gaming, which improves the quality of your games with AI upscaling, and HDR10+ Gaming, which gives you the gaming experience of HDR10+. In addition, they have the ability to adapt the settings for each type of game such as FPS, RTS, RPG, sports, and more.

Micro LED is a bet on the near future

Samsung's new generation Micro LED TV has barely noticeable edges
Samsung’s new generation Micro LED TV has almost imperceptible edges / Disclosure: Samsung

Another excerpt from this session showed more details about Micro LED TVs, which come in different sizes (80, 101 and 114 inches). This is Samsung’s next generation of TV technology, which displays vivid images in a standard format, lasting up to 100,000 hours.

Micro LED display supports HDR with 20-bit processing. In addition, it also supports 100% of the DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB color gamut. The session ended with the new soundbars, which Samsung also introduced at CES 2022. An interesting detail is that since the new soundbars and Neo QLED 8K TVs feature Dolby Atmos technology, the system can have up to 22 audio channels.

TVs & Lifestyle Accessories

At the conclusion of Media Forum 2022, Samsung showcased in more detail the new features of Lifestyle TVs, such as a matte screen that displays content on the screen without reflections.

Another advantage is the EyeComfort (Vision Comfort) mode, which automatically analyzes and adjusts the brightness of TVs according to the brightness of the environment, as well as obtaining information about sunrise and sunset to always present the most comfortable picture for the eyes.

In addition, smart screen calibration is better explained, which is a very simple and useful feature, which can be easily done using your smartphone. This calibration mode has two settings, a simpler analysis, and a more detailed and time-consuming setting.

Software and accessories

The session also showcased the new Smart Hub and Samsung TV Plus which offer various content for free. You can use the TV as a hub for your SmartThings devices, which can show who’s knocking on the door without interrupting the content. Another interesting detail is the MultiView feature, which divides the screen into four parts. Thus, the user can watch various contents simultaneously, in addition to playing games or listening to music.

Additionally, during this session, the Samsung Gaming Hub was also better detailed. This interface was created to help you find games as well as adjust settings easily, using a control bar without having to leave the game.

Discover, buy and view NFTs has been featured on TV, which might be a convenient thing, but certainly its audience. Samsung Health exercises are shown, which can even analyze your posture during exercises through the camera, smartphone or smartwatch. Samsung TVs are compatible with Google Duo, so they can be used to make video calls.

Free (Photo: Advertising / Samsung)
Free (Photo: Advertising / Samsung)

And the session ended with the accessories with the support that rotates the screen of the smartphone, which is also available for the Neo QLED 8K. In addition, an interesting detail of the Freestyle projector was shown, which is that it is able to compensate for the color of the wall on which it is projected to obtain the correct colors.

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