Pray the Ogun prayer against envy and claims

Orisha Ogun

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What kind of animal represents the envy of people? A dragon who destroys everything with his anger? A hungry lion devouring everything? A herd of runaway elephants destroying everything wherever they go?

But the animal most representative of envy is the frog. They say that an envious person is like a frog: he has big eyes and is always in the mud, not to mention that somewhere else he smells better. Envy, evil eye and heartache are negative feelings that stem from people who have failed at something and cannot stand to see the success and brilliance of others who have been able to achieve their personal and professional goals and plans. The Marquis de Marica summed up the comfortable attitude of envy in one sentence: “We envy wealth, but not the work that earns it.” Instead of someone being envious of something they have, why don’t these people go to work to earn it?

We don’t have to hate these people. We have to feel sorry, because they are poor and souls. Alan Kardec summed up envy well who said: “By envy and jealousy, there is no calm or rest for him who is attacked by this evil: the things of his greed, and his hatred, and his malice, rise before him like ghosts. They give him no respite and haunt him even in his sleep.”

In short, envy is nothing and does not lead us anywhere. We have to strengthen ourselves to fight envy and its harmful effects in our lives.

but how? At first he put on top of this very negative vibration. Always repeat the motto “If God is for me, there is nothing against me.”

Ask for protection and pray for the saints and Orishas who break demands, negative energies and envy.

As we are in the month of April, we can use the power of Orisha for this month to protect ourselves. In this month, Ogun, Orixá Guerreira rules and protects her children from evil forces.

Here are two prayers for breaking demands and envy and opening paths.

Ogun prayer against envy

OGUM Pray for us.
He will never go unanswered for those who believe in him Ogunhe Abi!

I will walk, dressed and armed with OGUM weapons, so that the feet of my enemies do not reach me, and hands do not catch me, and eyes do not see me, nor even in thoughts they can hurt me.
Firearms my body will not reach, knives and spears break without my body touching, ropes and chains break without my body tying.
Jesus Christ, protect and defend me by the power of your holy and divine grace, Virgin of Nazareth, cover me with your holy and divine robe, protect me from all my pains and tragedies, and God, in His divine mercy and great power, be a defender of the evil and persecution of my enemies.
Glorious OGUM, in the name of God, extend your shield and powerful weapons to me, defend me with your strength and greatness, and that my enemies under your faithful feet be humble and submissive to you. Let it be by the power of God and Jesus and the authority of the divine Holy Spirit.

be it amen

Ogun prayer against demands

Ogun, my father – the winner of the order,
Great guardian of the laws,
His calling the Father is honor, hope, and life.
You are my ally in the fight against Donnie.
Messenger of Oxalá – the son of OLORUN.
Lord, you are the tamer of false feelings,
Purify your sword and spear.
The meanness of my conscious and unconscious personality.
Ogun, brother, friend and companion,
Continue on your tour and in pursuit
The flaws that attack us at every moment.
Ogun, glorious Orisha, rule with your squad
Millions of red warriors and
Show mercy the good way
For our heart, conscience and soul.
Smash, Ogon, the monsters that inhabit our being,
expel them from the lower castle.
Ogun, Lord of Night and Day
And mother of all good and bad times,
Save us from sedition and direct the way
of ourselves.
A winner with you, we won’t get married
In peace and glory OLORUN.
Ogunhiê Ogun
Glory to OLORUN!

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