Pop! _OS 22.04 LTS: 4 Features You Need to Know

Pop! _OS is a well-known operating system used by many members of the Linux community, as it is a viable alternative to Ubuntu, especially in the desktop business, where Canonical has left something to be desired for years.

Recently, we got the release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) and with it, many Ubuntu based operating systems are making new versions and one of these is Pop! _OS, whose release brought 22.04 LTS.

Let’s talk a bit about this version, commenting on some of the features and news it brings to its user community.

One of the main novelties that Pop! _OS 22.04 LTS for its users is linked to the GNOME version, as we have the latest GNOME 42 as the default interface for the system.

But don’t get too excited, even though GNOME 42 is available, you still don’t see the new look that libadwaita offers for apps, opting for Pop! _OS Do “heavy” customization in the system, while maintaining the classic look of its latest versions.

Also, Pop! _OS does not introduce the new GNOME text editor and console, 42 new GNOME applications, keeping Gedit and GNOME Terminal as the default system applications.

Picture 31

cosmic interface

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest differences from the 20.04 LTS version of Pop! _OS to 22.04 LTS is related to the project interface that changed from being GNOME “Vanilla” to being COSMIC.

This is not yet the Rust-based interface that System76 is developing, but a custom GNOME interface we know, offering a new way of working.

Picture 30

Now, we have a new app menu, a completely remodeled dock at the bottom of the screen and features like Pop Launcher that are more focused, since it’s the default option when we hit the “meta” key, a behavior that can be changed.

If you want to know more about COSMIC and all the features it offers to users, we have a full blog article detailing the new interface.

Keep the system up to date

Always keeping your operating system up to date is very important to increase your digital security. Although it is relatively easy to update Pop! _OS, nothing is better than automating a routine task, right?

The System76 team has updated the Operating System Upgrade and Recovery section of System Settings, providing the option to automate operating system upgrades.

Picture 29

The tool allows you to install an available update or schedule the days of the week to perform the update. You can learn more about this tool with this Diolinux Clips video:

New system support tab

At some point while using your computer, you may need support, however, we don’t always know where to go for support or how to create the correct log files to find the problem caused by your device.

This is a common situation and the thinking of its customers (and Pop! _OS users), System76 has added a new section in System Settings called Support that has several options to help you get data and send tickets to developers.

Picture 28

With this session, you can access information such as your computer model (if it is a System76 device) and the version of the operating system used on the computer.

Plus, it gives you quick access to project documentation and Pop! _OS Chat so you can access community support, as well as the option to create log files to send to support.

Other related changes in this edition

The System76 team has made other very relevant changes to Pop! _OS 22.04 LTS, namely:

  • Pipe wiring has been added as an audio server;
  • Improve performance with System76 Scheduler;
  • NVIDIA drivers added to Pop! _Shop;
  • Better support for multiple monitors;
  • interface corrections in HiDPI displays;
  • RDP will be the default for remote access;
  • If the update is interrupted, you can continue where you left off;
  • The default file type for icons has been changed to .svg;

using Pop! _OS 22.04 new LTS

If you want to use the latest version of Pop! _OS as the main operating system or do some testing with the new interface, just download the ISO from the project’s official website.

If you are using Pop! _OS Already, it is possible to upgrade to Pop! _OS 22.04 LTS through the “OS Upgrade & Recovery” section in the system settings or through the device using the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
pop-upgrade release upgrade

Do you like Pop! _OS? What do you think of Pop! _OS 22.04 LTS?

Until the next article Penguin!

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